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Pump-Action and Self-Loading Shotguns for Home Defense

In this shoot out, we pick up a pair of bargain shotguns from the used rack and try to decide between a traditional pump shotgun such as the Remington 870P or a self-loader from TriStar.

The 12-gauge shotgun is often seen as the ne plus ultra of problem solvers. Though many argue over handgun calibers, it seems that the efficiency of the 12 gauge is too great to argue against. The shotgun is not just a firearm, it is a system that will use light shot, buckshot, and solid slugs. The question for our raters was, should we purchase a pump or a self-loader for home defense? There are many factors to consider. The adage that a clean self-loader is as reliable as a dirty pump action may hold some truth. If you like low-recoil shotgun shells, the self-loader is not the best bet, although…

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