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Pistol-Caliber Carbines: PX4 Storm Versus Kel-Tec Sub-2000

Two popular handy rifles shoot it out for a place in the home or the truck — the Kel-Tec is neat and compact, but the Beretta wins out on superior features and better accuracy.

In the past, the primary means of increasing handgun power has been to ‘Magnumize’ the cartridge, provide a longer barrel, or increase the diameter of the projectile. A means of improving the accuracy of the pistol was to add a shoulder stock. (Illegal in most applications today.) These expedients gave the revolver great practical accuracy. Effective power and range were increased by superior accuracy. Today, the pistol-caliber carbine takes the place of the shoulder-stocked pistol for defense, maximizing a pistol cartridge while taking advantage of modest recoil. For those who do not wish to deploy a full-power rifle for home defense or who desire to own a long gun with…

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