Reset and Laser Devices Inc. Form Strategic Alliance



( — Reset recently signed a strategic alliance agreement with Laser Devices, Inc. (LDI) for the Reset Rifle Integrated Power Rail (RIPR) program.

LDI, working closely with Reset, will initially provide bridge adaptors for coupling current “in service” devices, used by military and law enforcement personnel, to the RIPR rail. More importantly, LDI will immediately begin designing “purpose-built” lasers and tactical lights that are smaller, lighter and more ergonomic.

“Purpose-built” products will include laser and tactical-light products that take advantage of the DC power supplied by the RIPR powered rail. As with all LDI products, these devices will be manufactured in the USA, submersible to 20 meters and meet MIL-STD-810G.

By eliminating the redundant battery compartments and batteries associated with each weapon mounted device, RIPR will directly provide power to these devices, thus reducing device sizes by up to 50%. By drawing on RIPR’s increased battery output, currently deployed devices will run longer and devices with higher power demands will be more readily deployable.

The RIPR centralized power pack replaces multiple battery types currently carried by soldiers and adapts to all M-1913 Picatinny and NATO STANAG rails.


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