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Mossberg Maverick 88 Youth Model 32202 20 Gauge

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The Mossberg is a true youth model with a short stock and a 12-inch length of pull. The distance between the buttstock recoil pad and trigger face is ideal for most youths and some adults. The shotgun was smooth enough as far as the action. The forend had wobble in it, and we did not like the action-bars' attachment to the forend. The Mossberg Youth Model has several advantages, including light weight. It tips the scale at only 5.25 pounds. The rib features dual sighting posts, which the other shotguns lack. A trade-off is that recoil is the greatest of the shotguns tested. With most field loads, this recoil isn't noticeable. For home defense, the Mossberg is a fast-handling piece for the whole family.

Mossberg Maverick 88 Youth Model 32202 20 Gauge

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The Mossberg 500 Youth Model 20 gauge is the lightest shotgun tested. The barrel is 22 inches long, an inch longer than the rest of the shotguns tested, but the shotgun features the shortest overall length. We felt the fit and finish of the Mossberg 20 gauge were good for the price.
We did not like the action-rail attachment. The fit was too loose. Still, the Mossberg was fast into action, and while it kicked the most of the shotguns tested, it was not uncomfortable to fire.
We tried speed loads with the Mossberg, Harrington & Richardson and Remington shotguns. There was no difference in this category, save the Remington held only four shells.
The barrel rib and receiver rib fit well. Also, the Mossberg barrel rib features dual beads. We appreciated having the upgraded sights for general use.
All of the pump-action 20-gauge shotguns tested broke down in the same manner. The bolt is moved slightly to the rear. A knurled nut on the end of the magazine tube is unscrewed, and the barrel is pushed forward. Disassembly is simple. Press the barrel back in place and screw the nut tight.

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