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New England Firearms Handi-Rifle .22 Hornet

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Though it was a bit hefty at 7 pounds, the Handi-Rifle was our favorite of these two Hornets. Everything worked, and this simple rifle performed adequately for a lot of fun shooting.

New England Firearms Handi-Rifle .22 Hornet

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Caliber Plus Cartridge
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The iron sights were excellent on this low-cost, break-action rifle. The rear looked like a Micro pistol sight and was fully adjustable.
One screw holds the forend to the barrel. The rifle would easily fit a backpack, broken down. Different barrels may be fitted, too. Check with the maker for what's available.
The lugs of the NEF and T/C rifles were welded (arrow) to the barrels. Long ago the lugs were forged with the barrel, but that is too costly now. Note the extractor is barely raised from the breech face. This movement is entirely driven by a spring.
Simple, rugged, easy to see, undercut slightly, and attached securely, the Handi-Rifle's front sight was an exercise in how to put a workable sight onto a rifle. Even the high-dollar gunmakers ought to take a good long look at this. NEF did it right.

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