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FN Police Shotgun No. 17674 12 Gauge Pump

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If you don't need to chamber 3-inch shotshells in your home-defense gun, then this is a no-brainer. This gun has everything you need: capacity, easy function, comfort, and a great price.

FN Police Shotgun No. 17674 12 Gauge Pump

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Home Defense
Law Enforcement
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Action Type
Chamber Length
Choke Tubes
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Receiver Material
Rib Width
Stock Material
Length of Pull
Drop at Comb
Drop at Heel
Trigger Pull Weight Bottom
Trigger Pull Weight Top

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The ridges on the FN's forearm were more pronounced than the Armscor's, so the shooter's hand was less likely to slip off when racking the slide.
Here's the kind of performance we want from a self-defense shotgun. This tight pattern from a buckshot load would be enough to deter any intruder. The Sellier & Bellot loads are interesting because the clear plastic shows the pellets inside.
Here's the difference the little things make: The big front post offered a good sight picture; the FN came with two screw-in chokes; and the sling swivel on the magazine cap makes carrying the gun a hands-free affair, should the shooter wish to exercise that option.
The FN Police shotgun, top, $270, comes in a 7+1 and a 4+1 configuration. We tested the FN eight-shooter against the Armscor 6+1 12-gauge pump No. M30R6, $120. The FN Police came with a post front sight and elevation adjustable tangent rear sight. The receiver was also drilled and tapped for mounting a scope or other sight. The FN's matte manganese phosphate finish did not reflect light like the blued Armscor did. The FN shot to point of aim with birdshot and buckshot loads, and its adjustable sights allowed us to fine-tune the impact sites of slugs. Both guns had some problems feeding 3-inch shells, but 2.75-inch shells are plenty for any self-defense use, we feel.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation