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Anschutz 1710 D KL Monte Carlo .22 LR

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This rifle lived up to Anschutz's reputation for quality and accuracy. If you are a right-handed shooter or want iron sights, definitely buy the Anschutz. Lefties should pass on this version of the 1710, however, because of the rollover cheekpiece.

Anschutz 1710 D KL Monte Carlo .22 LR

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Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Length of Pull
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Action Finish
Barrel Finish
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The Anschutz's wing safety (black arrow) was difficult to take off. No one's thumb was strong enough to take the safety off while keeping their fingers in the trigger guard, unless they used their left hand to take off the safety. The receiver was drilled and tapped, and it was dovetailed to accept rimfire rings. The target knob (white arrow) on the Anschutz is noticeably larger than the Kimber's, and is bent back toward the shooter at approximately a 35-degree angle. Also, we liked the Anschutz's bolt throw, a short 30-degree movement.
The rollover Monte Carlo cheekpiece was preferred by a small majority of our right- handed testers, but all of the lefties found it uncomfortable.
The Anschutz's Schnabel forend is narrower than the Kimber's, and it adds a graceful line to the front end of the gun.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation