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Rowland/Clark Custom .460 Rowland Drop-in Conversion

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The workmanship was excellent, and the kit slipped into our Norinco with no fitting required. The kit gave good accuracy, too. The second slide spring was for some stainless setups that might tend to gall. The installation instructions were very good, and we had no problems with it.

Rowland/Clark Custom .460 Rowland Drop-in Conversion

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Home Defense
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Sight Radius
Overall Height
Front Strap Height
Back Strap Height
Maximum Width
Grip Thickness Max
Grip Circumference Max
Frame Material
Barrel Material
Trigger Pull Single
Trigger Span Single

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We didn't care for the extra length and weight of the muzzle brake out front with the Clark/Rowland conversion, but it was necessary. This caliber produced lots of recoil, and the fine brake kept the muzzle down well enough to give us lots of control despite lots of horsepower.
The 230- grain load gave nearly 1000 foot-pounds of ME. We thought this was too much for a 1911 gun, but you might want such a setup. The brainchild of Johnny Rowland, TV outdoors personality (“The Shooting Show,” cable TV), the .460 Rowland was intended to make the absolute most of the .45-auto concept while staying within the basic 1911 size. (You can get a revolver rechambered to .460, too.) To do this, Rowland went to a special strong cartridge case enough longer than a .45 ACP case that it will not chamber in a standard .45 Auto. The .460 Rowland ammunition pushes the .45-caliber 1911 envelope close to its limits. As any .45-auto shooter can tell you, recoil with some plus-P .45 loads is getting right up there. To boost the velocity of a 230-grain bullet to over 1000 is pushing things. But to boost that same bullet to nearly 1400 fps…Zowie! Clearly a muzzle brake looked like a good idea.
This barrel is part of what you get for your $275. The kit also included heavy slide and firing pin springs, guide rod, bushing tool, and excellent instructions. Workmanship was first-rate, and the kit went right into our Norinco.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation