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Armalite AR-50 .50 BMG

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If you want the lightest-recoiling .50 BMG rifle and don't mind the 34-pound weight, the Armalite may be the one for you. We found it to be a dependable, well-built rifle at a reasonable price.

Armalite AR-50 .50 BMG

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Model Name
Model Number
Law Enforcement
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Drop at Front Comb
Drop at Back Comb
Length of Pull
Action Type
Action Finish
Barrel Finish
Trigger Pull Weight

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The size and machining of this massive bolt is astounding. The two Allen-head bolts for removing the buttstock are located just below the rear of the bolt. The large safety is located on the end of the bolt (horizontal is fire and near vertical is safe). It is interesting to note that if the safety is in the safe position and the trigger is pulled, the hammer drops, but the firing pin is prevented from moving forward, so the bolt has to be re-opened and closed again to cock the rifle. All of the other rifles tested have an AR-15-style safety that prevents the hammer from being dropped when the trigger is squeezed. The knurled nuts of the easily removed scope mount can be clearly seen.
Here, the cheek piece is adjusted in the lowest position. The buttstock-removal Allenhead bolts are visible. At the rear of the bolt, the slot that the safety slides into when the trigger is pulled is clearly visible. The thick, contoured buttpad cushions impact.
Slot for sliding bipod along the length of the stock is clearly visible. This was the only rifle that had this feature. The small Allen-head bolt that allows the bipod to be tightened down is also visible.
The muzzle brake was the most effective at reducing recoil, although we are certain the 34- pound weight of the rifle figured into the equation.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation