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Magnum Research BFR 22H10 .22 Hornet

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We recommend it if you need a hunting iron without the recoil of the harder hitting calibers meant for bears and large game.

Magnum Research BFR 22H10 .22 Hornet

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Home Defense
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Sight Radius
Overall Height
Front Strap Height
Back Strap Height
Maximum Width
Grip Thickness Max
Grip Circumference Max
Frame Material
Barrel Material
Grip Material
Trigger Pull Single
Trigger Pull Double
Trigger Span Single
Trigger Span Double

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Our experience firing the BFR showed that a 35-grain Hornady VMax load was the ticket for accuracy, shooting average group sizes of just 0.6 inch at 25 yards. The BFR averaged groups of 1.4 inches at 50 yards with this round.
No manipulation of the hammer is needed to free the cylinder. Each cylinder clicks into position, letting you know it is properly indexed. position) and pressing the trigger. To unload, simply open the gate, line up the chambers and push out the empty cases.
The .22 Hornet doesn’t produce a lot of recoil; the gun’s muzzle-heavy design smothers kick effectively.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation