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Miltex Arcus 94 9mm

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We found it difficult to ascertain the true accuracy potential of this pistol without refining the trigger. But it did prove reliable with a variety of ammunition beyond our selection of designated test ammo. We simply emptied our closet of odd-lot rounds into it and each time it cheerfully went bang. It's hard to fault an all-steel full-capacity 9mm pistol at a bargain price when all it ever does is operate faithfully as intended. Haggle for the lowest price, and buy it, but don't forget you won’t have any support for it after the sale.

Miltex Arcus 94 9mm

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Home Defense
Concealed Carry
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Sight Radius
Overall Height
Maximum Width
Frame Material
Barrel Material
Grip Material
Trigger Pull Single
Trigger Span Single

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The thumb safety was easily disengaged as Browning designed it, but it was too stiff to be reset without the use of the weak hand. The trigger needed work. It seems to have been installed without polishing any of the contacting parts.
The Arcus 94's low-cost appeal is strengthened by the guns being fullsized copies of the Browning High Power. The grip is rubber and a little clunkier than the original, but felt quite good in the hand with a knurled finish and finger grooves that wrap around the frontstrap.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation