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Steyr Scout Jeff Cooper Package .308 Win.

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The odd configuration of the Steyr Scout quickly becomes likeable to the shooter when he realizes how comfortable, well balanced, and shooter-friendly it is. Fast hits are the norm. Workmanship was excellent throughout. The cut beneath the stock permitted storage of a second magazine. Ten-round magazines are an option, for 20 on board. They can't be mixed. The gun by itself (black finish) runs $1,950. Our sole reservation about the gun was itsprice, which is too hefty for most shooters, we believe.

Steyr Scout Jeff Cooper Package .308 Win.

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Length of Pull
Action Type
Action Finish
Barrel Finish
Trigger Pull Weight

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This is the bolt handle in the normal, firing position. With the safety fully on, and its button popped up, the bolt handle may be pressed against the stock further.
Moulded-in trigger guard provided ample room for gloved fingers. We'd have preferred a rounded bolt knob, and one is available on this rifle. Note flush sling mount in front of magazine. Nothing obstructs the bolt outlet for quick single-loading or ejection. The balance point, where the carry hand goes, is right behind the scope.
The bolt came apart easily for cleaning or maintenance.

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