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Chiappa Legacy Sports International Puma PCH87003 2.75-Inch 12-Gauge Lever Action

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For the collector or Cowboy competitor, this is an awfully nice rendition of the 1887 Winchester shotgun. It is well made and works great. It's also a great conversation starter at the range, but the force needed to work the action can make the gun dismount. Caveat Shooter.

Chiappa Legacy Sports International Puma PCH87003 2.75-Inch 12-Gauge Lever Action

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Action Type
Chamber Length
Choke Tubes
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Length of Pull
Drop at Comb
Drop at Heel

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The cosmetics on the Chiappa were stunning. Deep, rich casehardened color on the receiver and lever were matched in tone, and the metalwork was smooth and the joints tight.
This gun was made of steel, which made it heavy. That wasn't all bad, however, because heavier loads would have punished the sloppy-mount shooter.
There's lots of pitch in that buttstock; the relationship between the angle of the buttplate and the boreline defines how the shooter has to mount the gun. Upside: The large amount of pitch makes for a comfortable head position on the gun, and it comes up level and fast.
Here's something you'll need to change if you buy the Chiappa. The steel buttplate looks great, but it punishes the shooter. Active CAS participants will need a gel replacement, which changes the looks.

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