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Savage 308 Model 10 FCM Scout No. 18138 308 Winchester, $814 (Grade: B 2011)

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The Savage looked great with our Leupold Scout Scope mounted. After settling in, the Savage shot extremely well. There were no problems at all with the rifle. We loved its trigger. The gun is shipped with a sling, but we didnít get one in our test package. We thought the forend and barrel could have been shorter, and the magazine capacity could have been a lot larger.

Savage 308 Model 10 FCM Scout No. 18138 308 Winchester, $814 (Grade: B 2011)

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Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Length of Pull
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Action Finish
Barrel Finish
Trigger Pull Weight

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Although it was finished in plain-Jane matte black, the Savage Scout was an attractive, handy, and accurate package. The scope-mount rail was strong and solid. This rifle delivered the best accuracy of all three Scouts tested.
The front ramp had a dovetailed, gold-backed bead on top. The front sight was grooved for a dust cover but none was provided. We thought the barrel could have been at least 2 inches shorter, which would cut some weight.
The little tab on the Savageís trigger keeps it from tripping unless the operator definitely wants to shoot. This is one of the finest triggers in the firearms world, and permits Savage to put a workable trigger pull on its rifles. This one broke at just under 2 pounds. We loved it.
This dished-out area lets you get a finger in there to dump the magazine. We learned it was critical to insert the magazine carefully and securely, or it would fall out.
The three position safety here is in the fully forward, firing position. Halfway back permits cycling the bolt, and all the way back locks it all up. We found the safety to be convenient for right- or left-handed shooters, and easy to use. Note the huge smooth bolt handle, something Steyr also has on some of its rifles in the Scout series. Itís easy to work. Note the rear aperture sight. It was not secure, however, and flew off the rifle during our test shooting with the scope, and was lost.

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