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Yugoslavian AK-47 M70 AB2 7.62, about $500 (Grade: A 2014)

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Showing classic aK-47 lines, the Romanian WaSR-10 shot very well for us, with no problems at all. We thought the laminated stock was attractive and strong, and though laminated stocks are typically heavy, this rifle actually weighed a bit less than the folding-stock version.

Yugoslavian AK-47 M70 AB2 7.62, about $500 (Grade: A 2014)

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Here’s the AK-47 with folding stock and 30-round magazine — the way much of the world loves this rifle. On the other hand, many shooters think it’s a cheaply made, inaccurate rattletrap. The truth is out there.
Here you can see the famous dimples just above the 10-round magazine. We preferred the finger-groove-type pistol grip on this one, but both types worked very well and felt just fine. There was a huge difference in the length of the action cover, which surprised us. This rifle had the same trigger group as the other, but not quite as light a pull.
For some unknown reason there were two notches in the bottom rim of the muzzle brake. Neither let it be installed perfectly straight on the muzzle. The arrow points to a sprung plunger that engages the notch to keep the brake from unscrewing. Both rifles had this type setup.
That red thing is a slip-on plastic piece covering the charging handle, which makes sense in cold climates. We liked the bottom contour of this rifle’s forend wood much more than the bulging bottom commonly seen on these rifles. Workmanship was excellent on this Yugoslav AK, better than on the Romanian one.
The hammer (left side) has been eased down by the fingers to gain access to the bottom of the action. Both rifles had the same trigger group, which we liked very much.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation