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Ruger No. 1 Tropical 1-H 416 Rigby, $1242 (Grade C- Feb 2012)

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The Ruger No. 1 is ambidextrous, one advantage over a magazine rifle. Itís also a lot shorter, and that might be important to you. This slightly older rifle had the earlier, completely useless recoil pad. The newer Ruger pads are a slight improvement, but still nowhere near as good as the one on the CZ. It all worked, but we thought by now the Ruger No. 1 would have been more refined.

Ruger No. 1 Tropical 1-H 416 Rigby, $1242 (Grade C- Feb 2012)

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The rifle was quite accurate, capable of one-inch groups at 50 yards with the iron sights. We thought the sights were slow to use with precision. For us, the biggest problem was the safety button, which impeded clean ejection of empty rounds. A Ruger representative disagreed with us, but Farquharson, Fraser, Alex Henry, etc., are in complete agreement, and have been for more than a century. Thankfully, the Ruger safety is not automatic. However, the ejector fires every time you open the rifle. That may not be the best setup, but selective ejection is apparently too much to ask for. Ruger is stuck with this otherwise excellent design, so far as we can tell. But we can dream.
This folding sight is what Ruger thinks you need on a big-game rifle. The other side of the U-notch plate has a square notch, which is worthless with a bead front sight. The sight adjustment is perhaps useful, but really serious big-game rifles generally have fixed sights regulated for one load. CZ knows this. How many will put a scope on a rifle like the 416 Rigby? Those who need a scope can remove the rear sight. Why not have a good fixed vee-notch rear, no folding blades needed, that would look ten times better, work faster, and elevate Ruger one more step higher in the eyes of serious riflemen? Are we alone in wanting this?
Thereís nothing to keep this sight from breaking if you drop the rifle on a rock. We donít care if itís unbreakable, someone is going to break it, and probably wonít be able to fix it in the field. Why canít Ruger provide a sight hood for protection, after all these years?

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