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Romanian AK-47 WASR-10 7.62x39

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Showing classic AK-47 lines, the Romanian WAR-10 shot very well for us, with no problems at all. We thought the laminated stock was attractive and strong, and though laminated stocks are typically heavy, this rifle actually weighed a bit less than the folding-stock version.

Romanian AK-47 WASR-10 7.62x39

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These long mags are a pain when shooting from the bench. This was a fairly accurate AK-47, we thought.
The Romanian version's action does not have the "dimples" of the Yugo where the magazine goes in. We could not detect any stability difference between the two rifles with that long mag in place. The inner welded modifications seem to work perfectly here. Note that there is only the one ledge on the safety to shove it down to the firing position. The other rifle had two - the second for when the stock is folded.
The left side of the rifle had a scope mount securely pinned to the action. It could be removed to lighten the rifle, but we thought it hardly worth while. Also, this offers the possibility of a scoped AK-47 if the correct scope can be found. The trigger was excellent on both rifles, with this one having a slightly lighter pull.
This shows the single finger rest on the safety.
This aftermarket flash hider was very loose and needed either shims or a simple lock washer of suitable size to prevent movement. The owner said Century didn't ship it this way.
The ugly gap between the action and the well-made laminated stock was not to our liking. There was no looseness, however, and the rifle shot very well.

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