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Kel-Tec PMR-30 No. 408320267 22 WMR, $425 (Grade A Nov 2011)

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The PMR-30 is designed to work as a blowback action, but is designed to at least provide a partial lockup, if needed, essentially adjusting to the ammunition that is being fired. This allows the PMR-30 to work well with greatly varying bullet weights. Virtually every store that sold ammunition had 22 WMR, but only the firearms specialty stores carried the 5.7x28mm. Thatís a big advantage to the Kel-Tec, along with its lighter weight, better trigger, and lower price.

Kel-Tec PMR-30 No. 408320267 22 WMR, $425 (Grade A Nov 2011)

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Home Defense
Law Enforcement
Concealed Carry
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Sight Radius
Overall Height
Front Strap Height
Back Strap Height
Maximum Width
Grip Thickness Max
Grip Circumference Max
Frame Material
Barrel Material
Grip Material
Trigger Pull Single
Trigger Span Single

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The magazine release is at the heel of the grip, arrow, which we donít like. The magazines are supposed to stay in the grip until they are manually removed. If it isnít fully seated, an empty magazine sometimes falls out if the slide closes over it.
Our testers said the PMR-30ís fiber-optic orange rear sight and green fiber-optic front sight were better in daylight and superior in low-light conditions to the sights on the USG. The three-dot white sights on the 5.7 worked well enough. However, the fiber-optic sights could break if the pistol were dropped.
The engineers at Kel-Tec designed a tapered double column magazine that holds 30 rounds of 22 WMR. The rimmed design of the cartridge (arrow) was a roadblock in building a successful wide-body magazine for the cartridge, but the Kel-Tec design runs flawlessly.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation