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A Trio of Unusual Revolvers: Worth the Trouble and Money?

A Trio of Unusual Revolvers: Worth the Trouble and Money?

Most gun owners want firearms they can shoot and have fun with, even their life-and-death carry guns. Some of us also want the unusual because we like a walk on the wild side, irrespective of whether it has any use beyond messing around with or plinking. In this Special Report, we take a look at three wheelguns for which there are little or no match ups to find, so head-to-head testing isn’t possible. But even without something to shoot beside them, we can learn plenty about whether some unique, or nearly unique, handguns are worth the time and trouble to find and add to your collection as a real, firing item.

Herewith then, we look at the Nagant M1895 7.62x38mmR, the Smith & Wesson Model 929 9mm Luger, and the Chiappa Buntline 22 LR.

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Springfield Armory Rolls Out New RO Elite 1911 Pistols

The new RO Elite line adds multiple premium components and details for both competition shooters and defense-minded citizens, in both 9mm and 45 ACP versions. Every new RO Elite series pistol wears a Black-T treatment specified on Springfield Armory 1911s built for the... Read More

Compact 9mms from Glock, Honor Defense, S&W, Walther

Our retailer friends tell us that the most popular carry gun in America is the compact 9mm self-loading pistol with a single-column magazine. These handguns are handy, concealable, and powerful enough for personal defense. They deliver acceptable ballistics without harsh recoil... Read More

Pumpgun Showdown: Remington 870 Vs. Norinco’s Wild Bunch

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Grading the Gun Grades

Your reader asks who would want to buy a gun rated at C? About 12 years ago, I bought a new CZ 83 pistol. You would have rated this particular pistol an F because of constant Failure to Fire and Failure to Eject problems. But after CZ sent it back, the gun has been 100% reliable... Read More