April 2006

Firing Line: 04/06

Re: “Taurus, AWA, and Beretta Rifles Meet at the Not-Quite OK Corral”
March 2006

I was tickled pink when today’s mail brought the March issue of GT, with the positive review of the Taurus Thunderbolt. I’ve lusted for one in .357 Magnum since I first ran across it on the Taurus website, but hadn’t seen a review of it and wondered whether it was any good. So your positive review was most welcome. I can’t wait until my dealer can get one in.

Ray Shaw
Merriam, KS


Re: “Budget .45 Colt Cowboy Guns: Heritage Comes Up Shooting”
February 2006

I am a very satisfied owner of a Cabela Millennium and a Taurus Gaucho, both in .45 LC, so I was surprised and disappointed by your “don’t buy” recommendation on the Gaucho based on comparative velocities with the Heritage Arms Rough Rider. Then I received my March copy of Shooting Times, which tested the 5.5-inch barrelled Gaucho using the same Remington 225-grain LSWC and the Black Hills 250-grain RNFP.

The velocities were measured 10 feet from the muzzle and were identical within 3 to 6 fps to those achieved by the Rough Rider in your tests. Nor was there any issue regarding accuracy or the Gaucho shooting high.

I find both my Millennium and Gaucho able to shoot six-shot cloverleafs, handheld and unsupported at 7 yards and both shoot to the same point of aim when fed identical loads. The 250-grain bullets print higher than 205-grain loads using the same point of aim, but I attribute this to higher muzzle flip with heavier bullets.

You might consider a follow-up comparison with two other pistols from both manufacturers before damning such a fine pistol with a don’t buy. I value your opinions. After all, that’s why I own a Millennium.

Don McGovern
Portland, OR


Re: “Four .22s for Fun and Practice: We Praise One Walther P22”
February 2006

Thanks for the review of the four .22 LR pistols in the February 2006 issue. I have several .22 pistols and several .22 rifles, but when heading to the range I always end up reaching for the short-barrel Walther P22. It is fun and accurate and great for plinking, but the main reason I bought it is that is it is the perfect pistol to use to introduce newbies to the shooting sports. The grip is a little small for my taste, but women find it very comfortable to hold. It has three-dot sights, so it’s easy to discuss sight alignment and sight picture. Its light weight and small caliber also make the event less intimidating, and there is an extra safety feature in that the pistol will not fire without a magazine inserted. This pistol has helped me to introduce half a dozen people to the shooting sports. While none of them have “caught the bug,” it has opened their eyes and helped them to decrease their irrational fears about guns (and gun enthusuasts like me!).

Daniel Di Paolo
North Wales, PA


I have been a subscriber since 1992 and have all of those issues catalogued. Great magazine; keep up the good work. I have two requests: Test the new Springfield XD in .45 ACP and tell us the best semiauto .308. Is the AR-15 platform the best for the .308, or is the FAL a better option? A different one of which I am not aware?

Monte F. James
Austin, TX