July 2013

Down Range: July 2013

Random Thoughts On Guns

I was at the range the other day and was daydreaming between relays. Got to thinking, I wish there was a commodities fund (or even better, an IRA) where I could invest in ARs. An AR-IRA. That would be very cool and profitable, I think. Some guy would come on Fox News and rather than pitching gold, he’d sell ARs as “tangible assets you can hold” and trickle brass into his hand like they were gold coins. And William Devane would grab the carry handle on a Larue or Daniel Defense item, tuck it into a sheath on his saddle, jump onto his horse and say, “I just feel so much more secure knowing that I own ARs. And you can’t print ARs.”

Todd Woodard

And the disconnected thoughts kept coming. I don’t know why, but friends want to meet at the range so we can shoot together. Why can’t we go someplace quiet and have a drink? Glenlivet 18 sounds good. Or a Ziegenbock with a chicken-fried steak. Screaming so we can hear each other over the brake blast from a 338 Lapua Magnum is fun I can do without.

I’m shooting with my adult children a lot these days. Didn’t do much of that when they were growing up — discuss at school how much fun you had at the range with ol’ dad over the weekend, and you might wind up at the alternative campus downtown. Took Darling Daughter Cara (left) to Tactical Firearms the other day to shoot a couple of Rock Rivers. She helped me 1/3 co-witness an EoTech and irons for a friend. She’s also enjoying shooting her new Benelli 20 gauge semi-auto. Took her and a friend of hers, Taylor, to the self-pull range at American Shooting Centers. Taylor hadn’t shot any sort of gun before, but she handled and fired both Cara’s 20 and my Beretta o/u with 28-gauge tubes until they got tired. We’ll probably go back. Together, they shot at about 140 clays and broke… a few.

Floating on the air came this memory from 25 years ago: Watching Bob Brister and Dave Petzal, former colleagues of mine at Field & Stream, yell at each other while sitting on a couch at the SHOT Show. They weren’t angry — they just couldn’t hear. I haven’t shot without hearing protection often over the years, but I have been caught without a few times. Now, I really have to concentrate to hear the CFO these days. Age or abuse? Yes.

“Shooters, the line is hot!” Back to work. -GT