May 2014

AR-15 Accessories from CAA

In recent evaluations of AR-15s and AR-style 308s, we’ve also tested some accessories. This time we take a good look at some AR stocks from Command Arms. These stocks included optional pop-up cheek rests and compartments for short lithium batteries or what-have-you. These Israeli-made units were available in black, olive, or tan, and were made of polymer, with hard-rubber buttplates. We looked at two versions, the CBSACP and the ARSNL.

While the workmanship on all the CAA items was quite good and the cost for the simple one was reasonable, we much preferred the Magpul items reviewed last month over these.

CAA CBSACP Stock, $81
The CBSACP stock comes with the optional cheek piece, called the ACP for Adjustable Cheek Piece, that could be raised, and slid forward or back to the best position for your face. Without the cheek piece the part is called the CBS, and lists at $61. The basic unit of the CBS, without the cheek rest, was a close match to the original M4 stock with the addition of a compartment on the left side. The door could be moved to the right side if desired, and then you could alter the cheek piece to work on the left side. The website ( told us that the cheek rest was ambidextrous, but we had to look for it. While there, we found a host of other firearm accessories, well worth checking out. The stock locking lever was essentially the same as on the stock M4 and installation was easy, but with a major problem on one rifle. Just be sure to match the new unit to the size of your receiver, mil-spec or commercial. As with the Magpul, remove the original stock by pulling down on the latch and sliding the stock off the back. Install the new one the same way. The length and weight of original vs. CAA were about the same, but the CAA would not accept the spongy Snap-On Limbsaver recoil pad. The pad on the CAA was of mighty hard rubber with no give.

We noted the latch on the compartments (we had two samples) had to be forcibly pressed inward until you hear a tiny click. If you don’t do that, the door appears to be latched, but a slight touch pops it open.
The right side o the CBSACP had a short Picatinny rail of molded plastic. This accepted the slip-on ACP cheek piece. A spring-loaded catch let you slide the rest fore and aft without tools. The cheek piece would rise about an inch, maximum. To raise the cheek piece, loosen a thumb screw, slide the rest up to where you want it, and retighten the thumb screw. We liked the idea, and thought it would be great with some of the elevated sighting equipment common on the black rifles, but noted the front of the face rest was easily collapsed by about half an inch with not a lot of pressure. That sounds drastic, but in practice the face support might be firm enough. We’d have preferred it to be absolutely rigid. Nor was it rigidly held in place on the more complex ARSNL stock unit.

Our Team Said: While we liked the price, we did not like the flabby lockup of the cheek piece.
Gun Tests Grade: C

Sharp Shooting Stock, ARSNL, $263
This stock was khaki colored. We noted from the website there is an option that includes a stand or leg that can be extended downward for added stability, but the price goes astronomically upward to $508 for the ARS, which is this one with a leg. The NL obviously stands for No Leg. As for the leg, we thought a sharpshooter would be better served by a forward-mounted bipod rather than a leg in the back, though the two together might provide very good stability for a slow, carefully placed shot.

With this design, you have to secure it to the tubular extension (spring housing) with a vertical bolt, which unfortunately was not provided with our test sample. But that did not prevent our checking it out. With the stock fully extended, you get a pull length of about 19.5 inches. With the whole thing collapsed, the pull is 12 inches. There are ten mid-range, lockable, positions in addition to the normal six steps to the M4 extension. The hard butt plate can be elevated or dropped several inches, adding to the versatility of fitting this stock to the individual shooter. The website says the cheek piece can go up 1.5 inches, but our test sample moved only 3⁄4 inch. The portion that touches your face can be extended forward in a series of click stops, or ratcheted positions, giving a platform as long as 7 inches, or as short as 4.8 inches.

Again, the extension collapsed downward drastically with the weight of your head on the rest, and again we really did not like that.

Our Team Said: Overall, we would have precious little use for this stock extension, which by the way had no compartments for hiding things.
Gun Tests Grade: C

Written and photographed by Ray Ordorica.