October 2018

VALUE GUIDE: Smaller 1911-Style Pistol Ratings (All Chamberings)




ARTICLE: 380 ACP Shootout: New Models VS. A Time-Tested Veteran, August 2018
Springfield Armory 911 Bi-Tone PG9109S 380 ACP, $559 A Unlike a full-size 1911, carry the Springfield hammer down instead of cocked and locked.
ARTICLE: Caliber-Coversion Pistols from Rock Island Armory, Glock, SIG, July 2018
Rock Island Armory TCM 51943
9mm Luger/22 TCM, $960
A/F The TCM TAC Ultra is an excellent Commander-size 1911 platform in 9mm. Many failures in 22 TCM.
ARTICLE: Personal-Defense 9mm Handgun Shoot Out: Smith's M2.0 Wins, June 2018
Ruger SR1911 L’wt Commander
6722 9mm Luger, $739
B For those who like the single-action 1911 cocked-and-locked product, this is a good choice.
ARTICLE: Micro 9mm Pistols from Kimber, Springfield Armory, and SIG, October 2017
Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan (LG)
3300168 9mm Luger, $659
A The laser grip complements the large sights on this micro pistol. Edges are smooth for concealed carry.
SIG Sauer P938 Emperor
Scorpion 9mm Luger, $639
A With large sights, a crisp trigger and toothy grips, this pistol was easy to shoot and control.
ARTICLE: American-Made 9mms: Ruger, Springfield, and Honor Defense, July 2017
Springfield Armory 1911 EMP
PI9229L 9mm Luger, $1220
A The EMP delivered accuracy and ergonomics on par with more expensive custom guns.
ARTICLE: 380 ACP Shoot Out: Ruger LCP Takes on Remington, Rock Island, August 2016
Rock Island Armory Baby Rock
51912 380 ACP, $356
A The Baby Rock has a lot going for it. Had a stiff slide-lock safety that loosened up during testing.
ARTICLE: Ruger's Lightweight Commander, May 2015
Ruger SR1911 CMD-A
Model 6711 45 ACP, $899
A Good looks, decent accuracy, a good trigger, and nothing that doesn’t belong.
ARTICLE: Two Great Makers Shoot It Out: Remington VS. Colt 45 ACPs, April 2015
Colt Mfg. Co. Commander
XSE O4012XSE 45 ACP, $940
A Consistently the more accurate handgun. Ambi safety, forward serrations, frame cut.
Remington R1 Commander
96336 45 ACP, $573
B This is a traditional 1911 Commander with no extraneous features.
ARTICLE: Commanders VS. A Commodore: Who Outranks Whom in 45 ACP?, January 2014
Shooters Arms Mf’g Commodore
CIA HG1009-N 45 ACP, $429
D Not reliable with hollowpoints and showed annoying quirks with the original slide lock.
ARTICLE: Kimber Tactical Pro VS. SIG's Scorpion: Two Good Carry Guns, October 2014
Kimber Tactical Pro II
45 ACP, $1317
A Kimber’s quality control and attention to detail really shine in this pistol.
SIG Sauer Carry Scorpion
45 ACP, $1213
B+ Quite accurate. Cerakote coating, frame rail, and G10 scaled grips were good features.
ARTICLE: 1911 Pistols: Buy New or Used? We Test Three 45 ACPs to Find Out, July 2014
SIG Sauer 1911 C3 1911CO-45-TC3 45 ACP, ~$650 (Used) A The pistol is just the right size, with the Commander slide on an Officer’s Model frame.
Rock Island Armory Tactical II
Compact 51479 45 ACP, $591
B The RIA has features that allow this little pugnosed 45 to shoot like a big gun.
American Classic ACC45B 45 ACP, $506 D This Commander-length 1911 had promise. However, the pistol failed to feed reliably.
ARTICLE: Value Comparison: Used 1911s from RIA and ATI Shoot It Out, April 2014
American Tactical Imports 1911GI HGAFX45GI 45 ACP, $500 B Fitting and trigger should have been better. Sights and beavertail are good additions.

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Star PD .45 is still one of the best bargains out there. As Col. Jeff Cooper advised, "Shot it a little and carry it a lot."

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