June 2018

VALUE GUIDE: Recent 9mm Handgun Rankings

ARTICLE: Service-Sized 9mm Handguns Shoot It Out for Carry Honors, February 2018
CZ-USA CZ P-10 C 91520 9mm Luger, $480 A- A Best Buy. Well-designed sights, decent trigger, ambi slide lock and magazine catch. Reliable.
Lipsey’s Glock 17RTF2 Vickers FDE 9mm Luger, $630 A- This was Our Pick. Includes Vickers Tactical sights, a mag guide, and magazine base pads.
Beretta 92FS W/Wilson Combat
Upgrades 9mm Luger, $550
B Smooth, well finished, and the most accurate handgun tested. Grip did not fit all shooters.
Arex Rex Zero 1 Standard FDE 9mm Luger, $634 B Fit, finish, and an absence of internal tool marks told us that the pistol is built to high standards.
ARTICLE: Size 9mm Striker-Fires From Ruger, S&W, Springfield, December 2017
Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 11537 9mm Luger, $599 A The M&P9 M2.0 is a refined striker-fire pistol with a crisp trigger, excellent grips, and good accuracy.
Springfield Armory XD MOD.2
4-In. Service 9mm Luger, $565
A- An easy to shoot pistol due to the fiber-optic front sight, the thin, textured grip, and consistent trigger.
Ruger American Pro Duty 8605 9mm Luger, $579 B+ The American is quite capable and ran well with good accuracy. The grip inserts gave some trouble.
ARTICLE: Micro 9mm Pistols From Kimber, Springfield Armory, and SIG, October 2017
Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan (LG)
3300168 9mm Luger, $659
A The laser grip complements the large sights on this micro pistol. Edges are smooth for concealed carry.
SIG Sauer P938 Emperor Scorpion 9mm Luger, $639 A With large sights, a crisp trigger and toothy grips, this pistol was easy to shoot and control.
Springfield Armory XD-E 3.3
XDE9339BE 9mm Luger, $519
B Trigger geometry took some getting used to. Decocker was hard to manipulate in firing position.
ARTICLE: Compact 9mms from Glock, Honor Defense, S&W, Walther, September 2017
Walther PPS M2 2805961 9mm Luger, $451 A The Walther PPS M2 is a class act. It was the most expensive pistol tested, but it earned an A anyway.
Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield
180021 9mm Luger, $394
A Best Buy. Well designed grip checkering, good sights, a decent trigger action, and good reliability.
Glock 43 Subcompact Slimline
G43 PI4350201 9mm Luger, $445
B Accurate enough for personal defense, reliable, and fast handling.
Honor Defense Honor Guard Sub-Comp. HG9SC 9mm Luger, $449 B The only defect was the problematic slide lock, which we found far too heavy to operate quickly.
ARTICLE: Surplus 9mm Pistols From Star and Beretta: Worth the Cash?, August 2017
Taurus 709 Slim 1-709031FS 9mm Luger, $198 A Best Buy. We would buy this gun, and we would carry it for personal defense.
Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm Luger, $257 A- While the Taurus outshot the Kel-Tec, that doesn’t mean the Kel-Tec is out of the running.
SIG Sauer P938 Micro-Compact 938-9-ESR 9mm Luger, $730 B The pistol had enough break-in glitches to be rated down a full grade. We really liked the trigger.
Remington R51 96430 9mm Luger, $400 D It simply refused to function with one type of ammunition. The trigger was poor.
ARTICLE:  American-Made 9mms: Ruger, Springfield, and Honor Defense, July 2017
Ruger American Compact 8633 9mm Luger, $579 D- We could not complete our tests without reseating the recoil assembly multiple times.
Honor Defense Honor Guard HG9CLE 9mm Luger, $499 B+ Admirably fills the role of a highly concealable fighting gun that’s inexpensive and fun to shoot.
Springfield Armory 1911 EMP PI9229L 9mm Luger, $1220 A The EMP delivered accuracy and ergonomics on par with more expensive custom guns.
ARTICLE: Compact 9mms: Canik, CZ-USA, and Arex, May 2017
CZ-USA 75D PCR Compact 91194 9mm Luger, $546 A We like everything about the 75D except the absence of a light rail.
Tristar Canik 55 C-100 9mm Luger, $365 C The safety lever was so stiff as to be unusable. The double-action trigger was also heavy.
CZ-USA 75 P-01 9mm Luger, $576 A A Best Buy. The P-01 offers faultless reliability, smooth operation, and a good trigger action.
AREX REX Zero 1 CP 9mm Luger, $603 B It performed well during the combat test and had credible accuracy. Reliability was faultless.
ARTICLE: Selective-Double-Action 9mm 3-Way Used-Handgun Shoot Out, January 2017
CZ 75 B Matte Stainless 91128 9mm Luger, $500 used A Superb fit and finish. Handling is better than the Taurus and at least equal to the AT-84.
Action Arms/ITM AT-84S 9mm Luger, $450 used B The AT-84 is as desirable as any other CZ 75 of the era, and the excellent sights make it a fine shooter.
Taurus PT 92 AF 92B-17 9mm Luger, $360 used C Performed decently for the price, but we had reservations. Accuracy was poor with some loads.
ARTICLE: Modern 9mm Subcompacts: CZ-USA, Glock, Steyr Compete, November 2016
Steyr S9-A1 9mm Luger, $483 A Best Buy. Performance was good by any standard. The trapezoidal sights take some getting used to.
CZ-USA 2075 Rami B 91750 9mm Luger, $530 B A reliable and accurate pistol. Most will prefer a decocker lever, and such a model is available.
Glock G43 Proglo Talo Edition UI4350501 9mm Luger, $489 B The best thing about the Glock was the addition of AmeriGlo sights for combat shooting.
ARTICLE: Bigger 9mms Handguns: SIG, Arsenal, and Beretta Go At It, November 2016
SIG Sauer P320 Carry 320CA-9-BSS9mm Luger, $550 A The P226 MK25 is a professional-grade tool. Less-than-
stellar accuracy was a surprise.
Arsenal Firearms AF1 Strike One AWP 9mm Luger, $750 B The Strike One is effective for those it fit. Graded it down a notch because of flaws in the finish.
Beretta M9A3 JS92M9A3M 9mm Luger, $1099 B Worked well for shooters with larger hands, and it was fast in speed drills. Not that accurate.

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