July 2018

July 2018 Short Shots: Pistols and Pistol Accessories

New M&P45 M2.0 in Flat Dark Earth Comes with Truglo TFX Sights

M&P45 M2.0 in Flat Dark Earth Comes with Truglo TFX Sights

Smith & Wesson Corp. has announced its new M&P45 M2.0 in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) finish. Chambered in 45 Auto, the M&P45 M2.0 pistol joins the previously released M&P9 and M&P40 M2.0 Flat Dark Earth pistols with Truglo TFX sights in the M&P M2.0 pistol line. The pistol features a 4.6-inch barrel and has no thumb safety. The new pistol is a striker-fired design that features a lighter trigger and aggressive grip texturing. The Truglo TFX sights use encapsulated tritium and fiber-optic technology for enhanced visibility. The molded polymer frame is topped with a Cerakote FDE slide, has four interchangeable palmswell grips, includes an 18-degree grip angle, and comes with a one-year limited warranty and lifetime service policy. MSRP: $699.

Remington Model 1911 R1 Tactical Series Now Available

Remington Model 1911 R1 Tactical Series

A 45 Auto line we’ve been watching for, the Model 1911 R1 Tactical, is now available in retail locations. Some of the line’s specifications include an adjustable match-grade trigger, 5-inch match-grade stainless-steel barrel, mated frame and slide, PVD coating, and an ambidextrous extended thumb safety that allows easy operation in either hand. Also, there are machined VZ Operator G10 grips, wide front and rear cocking serrations, a checkered mainspring housing, and Trijicon front and rear night sights. It comes with a railed stainless-steel frame for accessory mounting. Three models are available. The No. 96385 (shown at right) is an 8+1 with a 5-inch barrel utilizing a 1:16 twist. It measures 8.5 inches long and stands 5.75 inches tall. It weighs 38 ounces and lists for $1250. The No. 96486 45 Auto is a 15+1 with the same dimensions that weighs 41 ounces dry and lists for $1275. The No. 96488 is likewise a 15+1 with a threaded barrel that will list for $1299. If you can handle the girth of these new guns, self-defense shooters will ask themselves, “Why not a 45 with 16 rounds aboard?”

Apex Offers New Action Enhancement Kit for the Smith & Wesson SDVE

Action Enhancement Kit for the Smith & Wesson SDVE

The Apex kit supposedly fixes this pistol’s long, heavy factory trigger pull by reducing trigger-pull weight 2.0 pounds from the factory setting, reducing pre-travel by 20%, and reducing over-travel by 10%. The Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the SDVE pistol combines the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger and Apex Spring Kit for the SDVE into one package. It’s made for Smith & Wesson SD & SDVE Series semi-auto pistols (SD9, SD40, SD9VE & SD40VE), but not for the Sigma Series pistols, which can be improved with the Apex Sigma Spring Kit. In the Apex package comes an Action Enhancement Trigger for the SDVE, a trigger return spring, a striker block spring, an SD striker spring, and a sear spring. Also, in three YouTube videos, Apex’s Scott Folk walks you through the proper procedure for disassembling, installing Apex parts, and reassembling the slide and frame of the SDVE pistol. Price: $55.

Model 19 Revolver Reintroduced to Classics, Performance Center Lines

Model 19 Revolver

Smith & Wesson has reintroduced two configurations of its Model 19 revolver, chambered in 38 S&W Special +P and 357 Magnum. For the first time in 20 years, the Model 19 will be available as a catalog item, in both a Classics and Performance Center version. The Smith & Wesson Classics series of revolvers, MSRP $826, have been enhanced with modern internal components, but mimic the look and feel of classic models. The Model 19 Classic revolver features walnut grips, a 4.25-inch barrel, a black adjustable rear sight, and red ramp front sight. The revolver has a highly polished blued finish and traditional thumbpiece for a classic look. The Performance Center Model 19 Carry Comp, MSRP $1092, is designed for concealed carry and includes a tritium front night sight, custom wood and synthetic boot grips, and a 3-inch PowerPort vented barrel for recoil management. The revolver features a trigger overtravel stop and Performance Center tuned action. Both the Model 19 Classic and the Performance Center Model 19 Carry Comp have 6-round cylinders.

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