June 8, 2009

AcuSport Adds Russian American Armory Firearms

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio – AcuSport Corporation has added Russian American Armory (RAA) to its extensive line of shooting sports products.

RAA is the manufacturer of the Saiga firearms line.

The Russian American Armory Saiga firearms represent a popular segment of the shooting sports market. The reliability and proven results of the AK system in 12, 20 and 410 shotguns and added versatility of the 223, 308 and 7.62x39 caliber rifles contribute to the success of these products in the industry.

AcuSport will carry the all of the Saiga models in the RAA line up along with the magazines for the each of the firearms.

First shipments of Russian American Armory products are scheduled to ship from AcuSport during the week of June 8, 2009. Retailers can purchase RAA products by contacting their AcuSport Sales Professional or placing their order online at www.AcuSport.com.

Based in Bellefontaine, Ohio, AcuSport Corporation is a nationwide distributor of shooting and hunting products with regional sales offices in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Montana and California.

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Time to do another testing of the Saiga-12. A lot of quality issues have been fixed since last review :)

Posted by: cmkersey2 | January 12, 2010 11:09 PM    Report this comment

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