January 4, 2010

Beretta Shipping New A400 Xplor Shotgun and Stepping Up Marketing Support in 2010

ACCOKEEK, Md.--Following the international launch of the A400 Xplor just over a month ago, shipments of the new shotgun are rolling out to the Beretta dealer network and to other major retailers.

According to Ryan Muety, Director of Marketing at Beretta USA, “Initial reviews have produced very favorable comments and we’re planning significant marketing support for 2010, not only for this new product but across all our product lines.”

Beretta’s print presence will increase in 2010 with the addition of publications and insertions consisting primarily of ads focusing on the features and benefits of key Beretta products.

The Xplor was available for purchase at a limited number of dealer and other retail locations in mid-November, however the new shipment puts this shotgun on shelves for purchase across the country.

“We know that in this economic environment people are making tough decisions about necessary purchases and discretionary spending is certainly down,” said Gary Ramey, VP Sales and Marketing at Beretta USA. “That means for someone out there considering buying a new shotgun or rifle, or purchasing a handgun for the first time it’s even more important for them to feel informed and confident in the quality of the brand they are considering.”

According to Muety, Beretta has a robust promotions calendar scheduled for 2010 using some of the broadcast and print schedule to support these initiatives. There is also a renewed emphasis on providing product collateral to the dealer organization, and Beretta will be issuing a suite of newly revised product brochures early this year. Rounding out the support materials is a comprehensive POP selection designed to support key products and promotions throughout the year.

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Some marketing, my dealer has not been able to find out avaliblity or price for over a month. he started to make phone calls at the end of jan and its almost march and still cant find out anything

Posted by: deerslayer52 | February 20, 2010 6:48 AM    Report this comment

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