January 26, 2010

Beretta Launches Trident Rating Program

ACCOKEEK, Md. -- Beretta USA launched The Beretta Trident Program for hunting and shooting sports venues last week at the Safari Club International Convention.

The Beretta Trident Program is a quality rating-system that will reflect an objective assessment of the complete guest experience at a sporting venue.

“Until now, no such rating-system has been utilized at hunting and shooting venues,” stated Christopher Merritt, General Manager of Beretta USA. “This is one of the rare situations where Beretta has permitted the Beretta brand name to be used to signify the exceptional quality of another organization.”


Tridents will be awarded to designate the venue’s level of excellence – similar to the Michelin Star program for fine dining.

The Beretta Trident Program was conceived and developed by Sporting Heritage Group, a field sport consultancy.

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