February 2, 2009

Apparent Robber Shot Dead at Store

TUCSON, Ariz. -- This from the Arizona Daily Star:

An employee at a South Side convenience store shot and killed one of two men trying to rob the store Monday and was himself wounded in the brief shootout, police said.

Two men walked into the Grand Market, in the 6200 block of South Sixth Avenue, sometime before 5:30 p.m., said Sgt. Mark Robinson, a Tucson Police Department spokesman.

Apparent Robber Shot Dead at Store

They shot at an employee, a man in his early 50s, who fired back, Robinson said.

The employee shot one of the would-be-robbers, an 18-year-old, who ran outside into the parking lot where he collapsed and died. The other robber ran away, and police are still looking for him, Robinson said.

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I think it's time to eliminate "Affirmative Action" now that it has been proven that with hard work an African-American can hold the highest office in this country. Lets go back and level-off the playing field.

Posted by: JWallace | February 11, 2009 7:46 PM    Report this comment

I think the media does this to stir up racism. The last thing the liberals or the media wants is for our different races to live together in harmony. They have to keep blacks and whites divided to insure that 95% of blacks vote Democratic. If the racial division ceased to exist, blacks may leave the Democratic party. Ironic isn't it, the Party that is believed to protect minorites is the same Party that keeps racism alive and well.

Posted by: Robert J | February 9, 2009 8:57 AM    Report this comment

This may remain true unless the media picks up the fact a Caucasian has slained an African-American. It is ordinary news when an African-Americans slay a Caucasian. There are two reasons for this: The rare story sells and African Americans were slaves in America two hundred years ago so we owe them for what their ancestors endured. Has anyone seen whats going on in Paris, Texas? These groups should come together when a person of any race is slained.

Posted by: JWallace | February 8, 2009 8:39 AM    Report this comment

The 'average citizen' was not to demean anyone, ... just that the average viewer or reader of newspapers don't have a need to know what race the perp(s) are/were EXCEPT when detectives run into a snag and cannot go further in their investigation. They then may go public with only the FACTS they have to that point, but will withhold pertinent facts known only by the perp. But for race, height, weight, scars, limps, facial hair, type of clothing with logos may jolt someone's memory of somebody fitting ALL the facts released gained by detective. If released by Law Enforcement, that info has been verified and checked for accuracy - not handed out at the scene when so and so told so and so they think the guy was black ... or possibly Brazilian, ... or maybe Polynesian, ... naw, ,, he's was 'black' alright. The public doesn't need to know until all the facts have been confirmed than only when shared on media when detectives need the help. As for the squad car broadcasting info on the ATL, this is from the scene as reported by a primary eye witness or a detective on scene, ... but then the accuracy is about 75% because of the immediacy of locating the perp. If a patrolman gets info from a briefing, it is checked and rechecked by the detectives who give it to patrol division for dissemination on the ATL. Citizens reading a paper or watching TV News don't have a need to know at this point. Only when appropriate. Now if Jeff W is on a ride-along, then he will be privy to receiving info he shoudln't pass on once out of the squad, but for the ride along, his eyes and ears work just as well as the Officer's (I'm assuming). Sorry for the confusion.

Posted by: GREG L | February 5, 2009 9:22 PM    Report this comment

I have an analytical mind that attempts to absorb as much information as possible for thorough processing. I used to watch the TV Show "COPs" quite frequently and I'm quite sure I've heard "We have an African-American male, 6' 1" height, 250 Lbs. wearing a white sweatshirt and blue jeans fleeing the scene of a hit and round on Broad and Bellmont". It never dawned on me that I shouldn't be hearing that broadcasted over the radio. I felt well informed as I peeered through the windshield of the patrol car via the live-cam.

Posted by: JWallace | February 5, 2009 1:58 PM    Report this comment

I agree race is not necessary to understand what happened, but to say it does not help with identification of a suspect is ridiculous. Next, you'll tell me it's okay to say "the suspect had huge knockers" as long as I don't say she was a "girl." Give me a break!

Posted by: gunsdontkill | February 5, 2009 1:56 PM    Report this comment

Race is NOT necessary for an understanding of what happenned, nor does it help with identification of a suspect. In fact, prior knowledge of the suspect's race can give a defense attorney something to work with, especially if the criminal is ethnically mixed. If they wore masks, you don't know if the brown skin belongs to a hispanic, black, or really tan white. When my business was robbed, the police would not relelase specific details to potential witnesses to prevent tainting the case, especially if the witness would be asked to review a line-up.

What was the race of the employee? What race was Sgt Robinson? Who cares about either?

As for the "average citizen" - they witnessed it or didn't. If a citizen saw something suspicious, the police (and prosecutor if caught) have far more to work with if the description of the random/suspicious person matches that of the assailaint, than if people nearby report everything that matches the ethnic profile they learned of through the news.

Posted by: PVB | February 5, 2009 11:47 AM    Report this comment

Any additional information regarding a suspect is absolutely necessary. "Average citizens" would be witnesses. There may have been people in the surrounding area that noticed something about the fellow and then just dismissed it. If it were reported that a mexican, white, black or green fellow committed the crime it may provide additional information to identify, locate and perhaps apprehend the criminal. To state that race isn't necessary for the average citizen to know is foolishness beyond belief. When the law enforcement community thinks they have all the answers and they don't need any help, particularly from the "average citizen", there is a big problem.

Posted by: Steve P | February 5, 2009 9:52 AM    Report this comment

Jeff W: Unless you are a Law Enforcement Crime Analyst collecting statistics for probabilities in various communities, race isn't necessary in a news article to the average citizen. A MALE scumbag is still a scumbag, the same for a FEMALE scummer. As for the criminal element coming in guns blazing first - that's always been a possibility. I salute those folks who choose for whatever reason to work in the "Stop and Rob" 24/7 stores, ... they were always there for us (as Police Officers) at 2 AM when we were in dire need of a cup of Joe to help keep us sharp. More power to those who legally sport firearms for self defense in jobs like this, .. we as Law Enforcement cannot be everywhere at once, so I applaud those who take an active part in their OWN safety and security. Too often than not, we arrive to handle the bodies rather than get there before or during the mayhem. Kudos to all the folks who are responsible citizens and mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to thin the herd of criminal element with firearms when situations present themselves. -Greg L.

Posted by: GREG L | February 5, 2009 8:30 AM    Report this comment

Jeff W, its not politically correct to mention race by news agencies. Its not very important when it comes to identify a suspect. What has this world come to when our news agencies do not want to offend a criminal? That was a great statement you made of his title getting robbed from him LOL! One less problem in the world.

Posted by: Robert J | February 5, 2009 8:07 AM    Report this comment

The deceased robber appropriately receives the title "Apparent Robber" because he was unsuccesful in his attempt. Not only does he lose his life, he gets robbed of a genuine title. It will be interesting to see how things turn out for this store. Will this story deter further robberies or will the criminals become more aggressive and shoot to kill first? The description of the alleged escaped robber didn't comment on the race of the individual. Is racism such a problem in Arizona they leave it out of the description or is the criminal element there directly related to one specific race? I spent a few days in Lake Havasu, Arizona and if I were to guess a race, I would guess Mexican. The Indians typically drink their beer and raise hell amongst themselves.

Posted by: JWallace | February 3, 2009 2:00 PM    Report this comment

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