December 8, 2010

Gun Tests Names Browning BPS Micro Trap as “Best in Class” Shotgun for 2010

( Tests Magazine has named the Browning BPS Micro Trap as the publication’s “Best in Class” Shotgun for 2010.

The pumpgun joins a Smith & Wesson wheelgun, a 380 ACP pistol from CZ-USA, and an AR-style 22 LR as the magazine’s “Best in Class” 2010 honorees.

More specifically, the “Best in Class” shotgun for 2010 was the Browning BPS Micro Trap 012241404 3-Inch 12 Gauge, $759. It was originally reviewed in the January 2010 issue of Gun Tests.

“All the 'Best' guns have earned ‘A’-grades,” said Gun Tests Publisher Timothy H. Cole, referring to the magazine’s Report Card scoring system, which ranks guns from A+ down to a failing grade of F. Cole said only about 20% of all guns tested by the magazine get a “buy it” grade of ‘A’ or ‘B.’

“At the 16-yard line we were immediately struck by how much softer the Browning shot than our other guns. This could be credited to the ventilated buttpad, but we think also it was a matter of the shorter length of pull contributing to a better fit,” said Gun Tests Editor Todd Woodard. “The BPS Micro steered easily but had enough weight so that its inertia contributed to a smooth swing and follow through. The gun felt well balanced, and it was easy to get a solid mount. The buttpad found its place, and it wasn’t difficult to level our eyes when mounting the stock.”

Other excerpts from the story included:

“The Micro Trap was a so-called youth model. The only differences between it and the larger gun were barrel length (28 inches versus 30 inches) and a shorter length of pull. But the LOP fit most of our shooters as is, and those who wanted a longer reach just needed to add a slip-on buttpad. That’s less costly than have to shorten the stock.”

Gun Tests December 2010

Courtesy Gun Tests

The Browning BPS Micro Trap 012241404 3-Inch 12 Gauge, $759, earned Gun Tests magazine's Best in Class Shotgun aware for 2010. According to Gun Tests, “The stock showed only the slightest cast to the right, and the top-mounted safety further increased the ambidextrous appeal of the Micro Trap.”

“The buttpad was made from hard rubber, but thanks to a generous amount of relief, it did a good job of soaking up recoil.”

“The barrel was topped with a high vented rib about 0.4 inch wide that featured a small white mid bead, a light-gathering filament at the muzzle and a checkered surface to reduce glare.”

“The lower rear portion of the slide was relieved so that when the slide was fully to the rear the sides overlapped the receiver but did not block the ejection port.”

Cole said, “Gun Tests doesn’t accept advertising, so consumers can have confidence that our Best in Class picks are the results of head-to-head evaluations by our teams--and not influenced by anything else.”

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