March 28, 2011

Iowa Terrorism Response Drill Cancelled After Protest

( -- Iowa Gun Owners sent an open letter after an Iowa agency planned to stage a terrorism drill that targeted a white male who came from a family of firearms enthusiasts, and who was concerned about illegal immigration. Read the letter here:

March 26, 2011

Dear Members and Friends of Iowa Gun Owners,

Yesterday we alerted you to the fact that the Emergency Management Agency in Pottawattamie County Iowa was planning to hold a terrorism response drill at a local school this Saturday.

In this scenario, two terrorists went into this school and shot or killed close to two dozen people according to the planning documents.

While we empathize with the job of Iowa's peace officers and are happy that they are training to protect the people in Pottawattamie Co., there was a major problem with this scenario: the shooter could have been you or me.

That's right, the description given of the shooter was of a white male who came from a family of firearms enthusiasts, and who was concerned about illegal immigration!!

In a blatant attempt to demonize law abiding Iowans who own and use firearms for self-defense, the organizers of this event described what is likely the majority of the members of Iowa Gun Owners.

We asked you to contact the County Supervisors last night via email or the phone numbers provided and you did.

The result: the event was cancelled today due to a huge public outcry!

Now of course the Emergency Management Agency coordinator says that county officials were receiving threats and that's why they cancelled the event. Worse still, the coordinator, Jeff Theulen, said that the true patriots are those government bureaucrats who received all the pressure that you applied.

Some people never learn.

Mr. Theulen's office puts forth a scenario where a person who supports and believes in the Constitutionally protected rights of the 2nd Amendment is portrayed as a mass murdering terrorist in what appears to be an attempt to further undermine our 2nd Amendment freedoms and yet Theulen thinks that he and his colleagues are the real patriots!! Incredible.

Feel free to contact Mr. Theulen at or at 712-328-5777 and tell him that his characterization of gun owners who are concerned about ILLEGAL immigration into our country as potential terrorists is as laughable as it is outrageous. Tell him that we encourage the training of the first responders in the county, just under different circumstances.

Iowa Gun Owners would also like to take a moment to commend State Representative Tom Shaw. Shaw, a freshman legislator from North Central Iowa was made aware of this situation by representatives of Iowa Gun Owners yesterday and was very troubled. You see, Rep. Shaw, until he won his election last November, was the police chief in Laurens.

While obviously not hostile to peace officers, Rep. Shaw was as concerned as we were about the ramifications of this scenario in SW Iowa. At the request of Iowa Gun Owners, Rep. Shaw went on WHO radio in Des Moines two different times as a member of Iowa Gun Owners, a gun owner, and a state legislator to sound the alarm.

We wish to thank him for taking the time to do this, especially as his wife is ill. If you want to thank Representative Shaw you may email him at:

From the entire board of Iowa Gun Owners, thank you for taking such quick action yesterday. It clearly worked and those who would threaten or undermine our 2nd Amendment rights got another reminder that gun owners in Iowa are organized and won't tolerate this kind of behavior.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr, Executive Director, Iowa Gun Owners

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My readings and observations have sometimes shown me references to "Our Troubling Second Amendment". And.....I am damned glad that it
IS TROUBLING! Were it not for our Second Amendment and the other rights affirmed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I am convinced that we would be in much worse shape than we now find ourselves. While some may have pointed and laughed at the public reading of the Constitution in the opening session of our current House of Representatives, I believe it was a stroke of genius. All of us, and most especially the politicians, should be periodically reminded that our founding documents are the true government of our nation.....not the people who hold public office. The founding documents will, with our insistence and the Grace of God, always be the foundation of government that can be changed only by constitutional amendment. And.....since constitutional amendment is such a time and energy consuming process, those documents stand a pretty good chance of outliving all of us for years upon years to come.

Posted by: canovack | April 2, 2011 11:48 AM    Report this comment

It's about control david, all about control.

It is really sad that any public figure is so arrogant as to publicly vilify and stereotype any group of people.

Posted by: PVB | April 1, 2011 10:39 AM    Report this comment

retired87068 - agreed. The spying is out of control. I'll have a new 'handle' soon, but not with any connection to the current. Reading ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE is proving to be helpful and very informative. It's a lot of work and some expense, but apparently one can still have SOME privacy in the security spy-state.

One thing I wonder about - why would our gov't think they have more to fear from their own citizens, unless we know something the foreign enemies don't? If it was good government, why would it fear us? (Or is that "US"?) Could it be that they have consistently failed to control who gets across the borders and into the country, and they now worry about who they've let in? Maybe, but that STILL doesn't explain spying on citizens.

Posted by: david b | April 1, 2011 8:45 AM    Report this comment

the scenario for this exercise is in line with the positions held by homeland security ... these folks view the "insider threat" as the largest and most probable to occur in the U.S. That is why there are new focus areas for law enforcement to collect information on individuals who could be "potential lone wolf" perpetrators... Infraguard (FBI program to have neighbors report on neighbors) has been soliciting information to try and identify people. This includes reviews of e-mails and internet postings, as well as identifying internet service providers and individuals accounts ... big brother is truly hard at work here right now!!! even the homeland security folks are now promoting "hometown security"... so don't be surprised to see these type of scenarios being put forth - they are right in line with the efforts being pushed by the federal programs & come with federal money attached for those who wiill sign up and play with them... Sadly, WE - responsible gun owners - are being targeted as the enemy by those in power right now... reardless of the 2nd amendment..

Posted by: retired87068 | March 31, 2011 2:31 PM    Report this comment

I think the allegation that this was intentionally done to paint law abiding citizens with a black brush is right on target. Why else would it NOT be 'jihadi' terrorists? In case anyone has forgotten, that is the reason we live under a constant 'Elevated' level of terrorist threat. Why couldn't it have been nut-jobs like the Columbine shooters or that koo-koo in AZ?

Emergency response fears gun owners. I don't understand why, unless they know that they will be used to put the entire nation under martial law some day. In which case, they have more to fear than they know.

Posted by: david b | March 31, 2011 1:19 PM    Report this comment

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