November 2, 2009

Matt Emmons Captures World Cup Final Gold in Men’s 3P

WUXI, China – For the third year in a row, two-time Olympic medalist Matt Emmons (Browns Mills, N.J.), claimed the gold medal in the Men’s 50m 3 Position Rifle event at the ISSF Rifle/Pistol World Cup Final.

Emmons won today’s match and was a fan favorite among the Chinese spectators, as he took home the gold with a total score of 1277.3 points (1177+100.3), climbing from third place by shooting the second highest final score and securing the win with an excellent 10.8 on his last shot. While he was moving up the scoreboard to win the match, the Chinese fans rallied their support for Emmons and cheered for him as he climbed into first place.

“I realized they were cheering for me. That’s awesome. It’s an emotion I cannot describe,” said Emmons after the match. “USA and China are often rivals in these Olympic competitions, but this audience made me feel like I was at home.”

This is the fifth World Cup Final win for Emmons since 2002.

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