December 15, 2008

Strict Indian Gun Law Aided Mumbai Terrorists in Attack

A December 10 article by Sara Burrows on has excellent insights into how a de facto gun ban contributed to the success of the terrorists raid in Mumbai, India on Nov. 26.

"India’s strict gun laws are partly to blame for the success of the terrorist attack in Mumbai, according to the head of an Indian gun-rights group and a U.S. expert who has examined the impact of gun laws on crime and terrorism," the story lead read.

Read the rest of the piece here:


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expect the anti-gun nuts to understand this lession. They are more concerned about the terrorists rights than the victims suffering. The poor babies obviously need counseling and someone to hear their side. You can't fix stupid and these folks are the poster children for that statement. They can't seem to understand the radical Muslim idiots plan mass murder on a scale that will make the Holocaust seem like the work of amatuers. They want to reduce all civilzation to the dark ages and subject the whole world to the whims of a bunch of deviant mullahs. How does Obama intend to deal with people who think killing women to restore men's "honor" is a great idea. These people are unspeakabley evil and we can't talk to them, they see that as weakness and western stupidity. Quick and overwhelming lethal force is the only language they understand.

Posted by: TBILL | December 18, 2008 6:57 PM    Report this comment

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