May 31, 2010

New Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology


( -- Rifleshooters now have a tool to help them match their preferred load to their style of shooting and to their style of riflescope and reticle. Nikon’s all new Spot On program allows users to select from the largest database of factory ammo and reloading components ever assembled to build the perfect plan for dialing in their rifle.

“Not all shooters have access to a 400-yard range or the time to figure out with trial and error exactly what their bullet is doing at every range,” said Jon LaCorte, senior product marketing manager Nikon Sport Optics. “Spot On allows users to match their load of choice to any Nikon riflescope, with any reticle, and see what the possibilities are before they ever pull the trigger.”

Ballistic Match Technology

An easy to use, intuitive layout makes using and understanding the program a breeze.

Available options include:

  • Detailed sight-in info to match the user’s goals
  • Ballistic reports for the bullet and load
  • Printable reports with trajectory, field references and ballistic graphs
  • Adjustable atmospheric conditions
  • Adjustable magnification for the ultimate dialing-in of BDC reticles
  • Determine point blank range for Nikoplex reticles with adjustable target/vital size
  • Easy to follow video tutorial

Nikon’s Spot On program lives at and is a free tool for all shooters.

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