October 26, 2009

Pete Brownell To Run For NRA Board

MONTEZUMA, Iowa--Pete Brownell, president of the Iowa-based gunsmithing supply company Brownells, has announced that he is running for a seat on the NRA Board of Directors.

"Thanks to my dad, Frank, I've been a Life Member of National Rifle Association since I was a baby. I've grown up believing the NRA is the best way to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and our shooting and hunting heritage. I grew up in the industry and believe I can serve as an effective link between the people who built our traditions, and those that are enjoying them today," said Brownell. "As president of Brownells, I've continued the family tradition - started by my granddad, Bob Brownell - of supporting the NRA with our contributions to a variety of programs. Now I want to apply my knowledge of the firearms industry and my business experience to help the NRA serve our members."

Brownell was nominated by the petitions of members, far surpassing the required number of signatures, and by the NRA's nominating committee.

Pete Brownell

Pete Brownell

Ballots will be delivered to eligible NRA voters in the annual voting issue of their selected NRA publication.

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