January 4, 2010

Spook Spann Joins Mossy Oak ProStaff

WEST POINT, Miss. - Mossy Oak has announced the addition of William "Spook" Spann to its Elite ProStaff roster.

"Spook is what Mossy Oak is about. He is truly passionate about the outdoors," said Toxey Haas, Founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. "He respects the land, he manages wildlife, his passion for the outdoors was passed down to him and he is doing the same with his children, and it doesn't hurt that he is one heck of a hunter."

"I'm glad to be setting the world on fire with Mossy Oak!" said Spook.


William "Spook" Spann has joined Mossy Oak's ProStaff.

Spook, born on Halloween, has harvested 21 Pope & Young and seven Boone & Crockett whitetails. In 2007, he harvested the largest whitetail ever shot on video by a bowhunter, a 230-inch Kansas monster. He has harvested more than 20 different big game animals around the world.

With over 850 members, the Mossy Oak ProStaff is a group of top outdoors men and women

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