November 30, 2009

Team Sinclair Breaks Records With F-Class Nationals Wins

CAMP BUTNER, N.C. -- At the recent F-Class Nationals, Team Sinclair won both the 600- and 1000-yard events, breaking national records at both distances.

Brad Sauve, Jeff Rorer, Derek Rodgers, and Paul Phillips make up the Sinclair teamin the F-T/R (tactical rifle) class, which totaled 784-40X at 600 yards and 774-20X at 1000 yards.

Three of the four team members shot .308 rifles off of Sinclair F-Class Bipods. The F-Class Bipod adjusts from 5.5" to 10.25" with separate, no-notch, sliding height legs and a locking tilt feature.

Team Sinclair

From left are Brad Sauve, Paul Phillips, Jeff Rorer, and Derek Rodgers.

"These gentlemen really know how to shoot and it gives us a great deal of satisfaction that our bipods were a part of their success," said Sinclair's President Bill Gravatt.

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