January 19, 2010

Uberti Introduces New Rifles, Single-Action Handguns

LAS VEGAS – Uberti, a subsidiary of Benelli USA, has introduced several new products for 2010:

Hunting Carbine

Uberti’s Rolling Block Hunting Carbine

Uberti’s Rolling Block Hunting Carbine is based on the original rolling block design of 1867 by Remington, and was commonly referred to as the “1871.” In 1871, Springfield began producing them for the US army, and today, well over a million rolling blocks rifles have been produced. Uberti’s Rolling Block Hunting Carbine comes with a 22-inch barrel and is chambered in .45-70, .30-30 and .38-55.

Uberti's 1873

Uberti's 1873 “Callahan” Cattleman six-shooter

Under the Uberti label, the company will make an 1873 “Callahan” Cattleman six-shooter. The Callahan is Uberti’s beefed-up version of the 1873 Cattleman that’s chambered in the powerful .44 Magnum. The single-action comes with one-piece satin walnut grips, a blued barrel, frame and cylinder and is offered with 4¾-, 6- and 7½-inch barrels. Two styles of sights are offered with the Callahan, which include either fixed or adjustable rear sights with a standing-post front sight.

Uberti's 1873 Stallion

Uberti's 1873 Stallion Brass 10-shot .22

Also under the Uberti label is an 1873 Stallion Brass 10-shot .22 based on the Colt 1873 Single-Action Army. In the late 20th Century, Colt produced two variations of the 1873 Single-Action Army chambered in .22 Long Rifle, named the Scout and Frontier Scout. After being discontinued, these six-shooters rose dramatically in value and price. Uberti’s Stallion is a trimmed-down version of the Colt Single Action Army and is available in both .22 Long Rifle and .38 Special. Uberti's new Stallion Brass 10-Shot .22 is now available with a cylinder that holds 10 rounds of .22 Long Rifle and features a 5½-inch barrel with fixed sights, or the 1873 Stallion Target Brass 10-shot .22 with adjustable sights.

Stoeger X5

Stoeger X5

Stoeger Industries has introduced a new configuration of the X5 line of air rifles. Introduced with a hardwood Monte Carlo-style stock, the X5 is now also available with a lightweight, matte black synthetic Monte Carlo-style stock.

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Good to join this site.

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