June 6, 2011

Videos on GunReports.com!

(GunReports.com) -- Check out new videos this week. To access the videos, simply click on the video windows below, or look in the middle of the GunReports.com homepage for the video container. Click on the right or left arrows on the videos to jump from story to story.

The Urbino Tactical stock is a fixed-length shotgun stock made from injection-molded glass-filled nylon. Developed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military operators, the rugged Urbino Tactical stock features a tactical 12 1/2-inch length of pull, soft urethane rubber grip, Limbsaver buttpad, adjustable cheek riser, and a variety of flexible sling mounting options. Named after the city in northern Italy where Benelli Armi SpA is headquartered, the Urbino fits Benelli M1014 and M4 shotguns. The Urbino Tactical stock is durable, easy to shoulder, and will not slip. The urethane rubber grip is padded at the rear to reduce recoil impact against the web of the operator’s hand, and the optional Limbsaver buttpad substantially reduces felt recoil.

Danny Williams, Master Gunsmith at Umarex USA, breaks down the Colt .22 1911 Pistol for maintenance.

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting Schools explains what the three key measurements gunfitters consider when properly fitting a shotgun. Does your shotgun fit? Find out how you can tell. (NSSF Video)

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