NICS Gets Attention, Good and Bad

January 2018 - Gun Tests Magazine

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has been getting a lot of attention recently. If you’ll recall, a court-martialed Air Force veteran purchased a rifle illegally and used it to kill 25 people inside a Sutherland Springs, Texas, church on Nov. 5. Turns out that the Air Force had not provided the FBI with details of the court martial. The Air Force also missed the shooter’s initial arrest on domestic-abuse charges and his 2012 escape from a New Mexico behavioral health facility. Had NICS been properly updated, it’s likely the system would have blocked the sale of the murder weapon to the shooter.

10 Things Gun Owners Get Wrong About Their Self-Defense Rights

November 2017 - Gun Tests Magazine

For six years, I was an attorney for a national firearms legal-defense program. I represented gun owners who acted in self-defense and traveled the country speaking on firearms issues. I’ve taken countless questions regarding a person’s legal right to self-defense. Over the years, I started to see a pattern — people have the same questions. From your brand-new gun owner to the seasoned carrier, the questions and misconceptions were the same. I’ve heard it all, and nothing catches me off-guard, so I’ve drawn on these experiences to put together the top 10 misconceptions gun owners have when it comes to their self-defense rights.

After Las Vegas

November 2017 - Gun Tests Magazine

The first dreadful pieces of news coming out of Las Vegas on Sunday, October 1, coalesced into yawning horror that would grip a nation and sadden our world. Fifty-nine people were dead and hundreds injured at the hands of a lone sniper, who had secreted more than 20 rifles and handguns on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. From that perch, the shooter had uninterrupted views of the Las Vegas Strip and the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a three-day country music concert, that kicked off at the Las Vegas Village, a venue across the Strip from the Luxor hotel and the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Snubbies, the Taurus Recall, and Trump on Guns

June 2016 - Gun Tests Magazine - Subscribers Only

Regarding the Taurus settlement and the problems Lou had with his pistol: On August 4, 2015 I sent Taurus my PT-111 Pro and two magazines. Their website was very poor about updating progress of the return, but by 12/16/2015 I did have a new PT-111 G2 with two mags, all new in the box. I had to pay $25 for the FFL transfer fee, but I was reimbursed by 1/15/16. I am actually quite pleased with the new gun. To get reimbursed, I faxed an itemized receipt to Taurus at (305) 624-1126. I hope this helps Lou and perhaps others.

Gun Rights Advancing

June 2016 - Gun Tests Magazine

I’m really bad about looking at the events in California, Maryland, New Jersey, Maryland, and other gun-restrictive states and getting pessimistic about the health of gun rights in the country. I was told recently that such pessimism is a sin, and though I’m not especially religious, I saw the truth in the statement. Devout folks should be optimistic as a part of their character, because they see and proclaim the Good News every day. A fellow named Rick told me that in the hot tub of the club I swim at. I’m usually resistant to being proselytized, especially when I’m not wearing pants, but we had a nice visit and parted friendly. His testimony prompted me to look around for some Good Gun News, which was remarkably easy to find and widespread.