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6- & 8-inch .357 Magnums: How Long Is Too Long?

Ruger’s shorter, easier-to-handle GP100 makes more sense in this matchup than the longest-barrel guns from Smith & Wesson and Taurus.

Which .357 would you like to pack all
ūday? The Taurus (right) weighed
ūnearly a pound more than the 6-inch-
ūbarrel Ruger.

The .357 S&W Magnum is at the low end of acceptable hunting cartridges. Some states allow it for the hunting of deer, though that would seem to be stretching things a bit, given that some deer are very big and that some hunters can’t get as close to the game as they ought to, so we have the potential condition of a marginal cartridge being used at long range on large game, which can lead to disaster for the game animal. …

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