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Taurus G3X 9mm Luger

We liked the Taurus G3X 9mm the best of the three pistols. It isn’t expensive, but it does a good job at what it is designed to do, serve as a reliable personal-defense pistol. The Taurus G3X compares favorably against similar Glock models.

SCCY DVG-1 9mm Luger

The size, handfit, finish, and sights are all good features. We did not like the trigger because it limited accuracy. The pistol is difficult to shoot well, in our estimation. Also, the magazine pinches the hand.

FMK 9C1 G2 Dark Grey 9mm Luger

This pistol performed adequately. The FMK fed, chambered, fired, and functioned with the ammunition tested. We did not like the trigger, and accuracy was not impressive. We wouldn’t go more than $350 for one.

Springfield Armory XDM-E OSP XDME94510GBHCOSP Green Cerakote Finish 10mm Auto

We gave these two XDM-E pistols every chance to show that one was lacking versus the other — or even just different. Springfield Armory, and their production methods, passed with flying colors. Choose this one if you like the slide color. We actually did.

Springfield Armory XDM-E OSP XDME94510BHCOSP Black Finish 10mm Auto

The frame of the XDM Elite has come a long way. The grip provides a good gripping surface. Provides an ambidextrous magazine release and a manual grip safety and three different grip inserts to accommodate different sized hands. Accurate and reliable.

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