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We Test Inside-The-Waistband Holsters for $50 and More

We Test Inside-The-Waistband Holsters for $50 and More
Blackhawk! Leather IWB

Shooters know that quality leather gear is increasingly expensive. Like a good shoemaker, workmen capable of making quality holsters are few and far between. For many of us, this means buying off-the-shelf holsters. In this installment, we test more than a dozen holsters from makers large and small. While we tried to keep the price around $100 or less, in several cases we went over. This was a result of the raters adding options such as special reinforcements and sweat guards.

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Short Shots: February 2019

The American Rodeo Tribute Edition Rifle from Henry Repeating Arms is built on the company’s Golden Boy platform and features images of popular rodeo events. Henry Repeating Arms debuted the American Rodeo Tribute Edition lever-action rifle in Las Vegas in December at the... Read More

Budget 20-Gauge Pumpguns: H&R, Mossberg, Remington

Every day there is a headline of some deadly incident that could have been stopped with a shotgun. Home invasions and animal attacks are common in this dangerous world. The shotgun is formidable protection for prepared individuals who might be short statured, aging, or have a... Read More

Threaded-Barrel 1911 Pistols: Some Choices Come Up Short

Last year, we began testing suppressors on rifles and handguns because we saw that the sound-abatement equipment was becoming a lot more popular. This was a surprise because suppressors are expensive and hard to transact, so it takes a lot of patience and money to get started,... Read More

Praise for ‘Penetrating’ Test

I really appreciate the heavy 9mm loads article. I don’t have the time or resources to buy and test a bunch of loads, even though I am very interested in selecting a load for my 9mm that fits my needs. You guys did all the work for me! I trust your opinions and appreciate... Read More