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Dry-Fire Laser Training at Home: We Test Three Useful Systems

Going to a range costs money, and it takes time. The next best training exercise is dry-fire training, and while it is all well...

How About Three 380 Pistols?

380 Lineup, Thank You I just received the May 2023 issue. Nice as usual. I would very much like to see the new Ruger Security-380...

Walther PDP F-Series 4-Inch 2842734 9mm Luger

The grip is the story with the F-Series pistol, and we found the grip is nicely textured and offers an ideal balance of abrasion and adhesion.

Canik TP9 Elite SC HG5610T 9mm Luger

The pistol is supplied with a hard-plastic case. Two backstraps, a standard and extended magazine, mounting plate for a red dot, Allen wrench, a manual, and a credible plastic holster are included.

Shadow Systems MR920 Combat 9mm Luger

Despite there being a bad shortage of 9mm handguns a couple of years ago, in 2023 many well-known brands are reasonably available and are...

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Color Me Skeptical

A press release on the PR Newswire said, breathlessly, “Biofire Announces World’s First Smart Gun® Secured by Fingerprint and Facial Recognition.” Will this smartphone...