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First Look Video: Marlin Model 1895SBL 45-70 Gov’t.

Hey Shooters, this is Todd Woodard, editor of Gun Tests Magazine.In the May 2021 issue, Contributing Editor Robert Sadowski and his team of shooters...

Henry All-Weather Lever Action H010AW 45-70 Gov’t.

Gun Tests Grade: A (Best Buy) $810 This was a recent price at BudsGunShop.com. The Henry can best be described as a no-nonsense utilitarian big-bore lever action. If you want to hunt hard, this Henry will not disappoint. Out of the box, the All-Weather looks smart, and at first glance the finish looks like matte […]

Taylor’s & Co. 1886/71 Classic Rifle Model RIF/S740.457 45-70 Gov’t

Gun Tests Grade: A- $1836 The Taylor’s & Company 1886/71 Classic Rifle is a replica of the Winchester Model 71 built from 1935 through 1958. The Model 71 was a modified Model 1886 designed for easier and more efficient manufacture. It was also chambered in one caliber, 348 Winchester, though there are a few rare […]

Masterpiece Arms MPA BA MPR PRO 6mm Creedmoor

Gun Tests Grade: A (OUR PICK) $2499 Members of this group of testers have fired Masterpiece Arms rifles in PRS matches. The rifles shot accurately and ran smoothly for us. We took note on more than one occasion of the frequency with which we spotted other shooters also using the MPA BA Competition rifles, often […]

Savage Model 110 Elite Precision 57558 6mm Creedmoor

Gun Tests Grade: B+ $1999 Savage is well known for its rifles and for the collar nut is uses to precisely headspace its rifles. They bring that precision and more to the market with the new Model 110 Elite Precision, designed specifically for the long-range precision crowd. The Model 110 Elite Precision uses a 26-inch […]

Ruger Precision Rifle 18032 6mm Creedmoor

Gun Tests Grade: B+ $1599 Ruger introduced its Precision Rifle in the summer of 2015, and it instantly became a hit. They were a very hard commodity to find for at least the first two years after introduction. With demand the way it is during the current Covid panic, they are once again difficult to […]

First Look Video: Masterpiece Arms MPA BA MPR PRO 6mm Creedmoor

Hey Shooters, this is Todd Woodard, editor of Gun Tests Magazine.In the April 2021 issue, we tested four 6mm Creedmoor rifles that could be...

Christensen Arms MPR 801-03035-01 6mm Creedmoor

Gun Tests Grade: A- $1799 Christensen Arms is known for its carbon-fiber barrels, but the company also makes some very nice rifles with standard tubes. Christensen barrels start with 416 R stainless steel. Our hand-lapped 24-inch sample was free-floated, button-rifled, and had a match chamber. Twist on the 6mm Creedmoor models is 1 turn in […]

The Bolt-Action Handy Rifle in 2021: Savage 110 Hog Hunter

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- $599 In the July 2020 issue of Gun Tests, we evaluated a Savage Arms 110 bolt-action Hog Hunter rifle chambered for the new 350 Winchester Legend cartridge. But the Hog Hunter that originally caught our eye was chambered for 223 Remington, a round we are much more familiar with. The Hog […]

Throwing Shade on Lugers?

Re “Dufflebag Guns: We Test Four Shootable Older 9mm Pistols,” December 2020 Dear Todd, upon opening my mailbox and finding my December Gun Tests, I took it directly to the “Man Cave,” locked the door, and commenced reading the article on page 6, “Shooting Collectibles.” I must say I was shocked to see that my […]

Christensen Arms Ridgeline Review

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (OUR PICK) $1793 We tested this Christensen Arms Ridgeline in the November 2020 edition. If you haven’t already seen that issue, we urge you to go back and take a look. Without repeating everything from the first review here, suffice it to say that we were impressed with the Ridgeline. Our […]

Weatherby Mark V Backcountry Review

GUN TESTS GRADE: B+ $2249 Weatherby has long understood that speed kills. They wanted their own fast 6.5-caliber hunting round and decided to take a different path to get there. Weatherby made their mark producing rifles that shot screaming fast, proprietary cartridges. Starting with the development of their 300 Weatherby Magnum in 1944, Weatherby has […]

Miller v. Bonta Decision

Click the link below to see the entire Miller v. Bonta decision referenced in the August 2021 Downrange editorial. gov.uscourts.casd.642089.115.0_1