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Never before have shooters faced such a bewildering array of innovations and choices at the gun shop. When it comes to selecting a firearm, serious shooters turn to GUN TESTS first. Only GUN TESTS evaluates today’s most talked about handguns, rifles, shotguns and shooting accessories with utter, ruthless impartiality…so you always know what’s worth buying before you buy it.

Subscriber-supported, GUN TESTS accepts no commercial advertising. Unlike most major gun magazines, we’re free to tell the truth no matter which deep pocket manufacturer it might upset. Readers know GUN TESTS‘ ratings and recommendations are always full, fair and unfettered.

With our rigorous comparison testing, GUN TESTS separates the good from the bad. You’ll learn which guns are most reliable and accurate…which are the best-built and which are the best buys. You’ll know how a gun you may be thinking of buying holds up after hundreds, even thousands of rounds. And you’ll know how it stacks up against similar models in terms of performance and price. You’ll save more money and have more fun shooting then ever before.

It doesn’t matter if you buy guns for hunting, target shooting, collecting or self-defense. With GUN TESTS you’ll buy better, safer, more accurate guns…and have more fun shooting because of it.