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He Said The Quiet Part Out Loud

During a July 21 town hall event on CNN, President Joe Biden was addressed by a member of the audience who posed a set-up...

Miller v. Bonta Decision

Click the link below to see the entire Miller v. Bonta decision referenced in the August 2021 Downrange editorial. gov.uscourts.casd.642089.115.0_1

Reader Rec: RIA 9mm 1911

Re “9mm Single Actions: Tisas, Ruger, and Citadel Compete,” June 2021 Just an FYI.  Some seven years ago, my wife and I signed up for week-long handgun course in Nevada. My wife did not have a centerfire semi-auto (the preferred option over revolver). So we shopped around.  We found a gently-used Rock Island 9mm on […]

A Fantastic Decision for the AR-15

The Miller v. Bonta gun-rights decision is a couple of months old now, but it’s a stem-winder that does not fail to inform and...

Lever-Rifle Safety Concerns

Re “Lever-Action Big-Bore Rifles: We Test 45-70s Head to Head,” May 2021 To the editor: Some years ago I wrote to alert you of the alarming ability of my 1993 vintage Rossi Model 1872 to fire out of battery (lever about a half inch down), which I proved at a range with pulled (no bullet, […]

Supremes Rule 9-0 Against RI Gun Grab

It is rare to see the Supreme Court unanimously rule on anything, but especially something having to do with firearms. But that’s just what...

Praise for Marlin’s Guide Gun

Re “Lever-Action Big-Bore Rifles: We Test 45-70s Head to Head,” May 2021 Enjoyed the article. I’m a happy owner of an older 45-70 Marlin Guide Gun, ported, on which my gunsmith installed ghost-ring peep sights. Sighted it in at 100 yards with 300-grain bullets, and I practice with lead and 36 grains of 4198 powder. […]

The Supremes Take a Gun Case!

The U.S. Supreme Court announced on April 26, 2021, that it will review a New York state law that imposes overly restrictive limits on...

Here’s Another 22 Mag Snubbie

Re “22 Magnum Snubnoses from Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus,” April 2021 Your April 2021 issue didn’t include my newest, slickest, snubnose 22 Magnum. It is the Heritage Barkeep with a magnum cylinder. Due to the heavy trigger pull on most double-action rimfires, such revolvers are often fired in single action. — David Hey David: […]

Gun Takeaway Sweepstakes

If you have read this space for the last couple of issues, you’ll recall that I’ve asked what my fellow gun owners believe would be the first gun restrictions passed by President Joe Biden and the Biden-Harris Administration, as it’s formally called now. We had a lot of good (that is, bad) forecasts from savvy […]

Gun-Rights Rino Rollover Candidates

Last issue, I asked for your thoughts about what gun legislation might be forthcoming from the Biden Administration, and some of your comments appear...

Something Bad Comes Our Way

Re “Downrange, President Joe Biden and Guns” March 2021 Something for gun owners to consider: The incoming administration has gun control near the forefront of their many agendas. How will this happen? A trial balloon was sent out this past December when the ATF, in conjunction with some Biden supporters, said that AR pistols with […]

Welcome, First-Time Gun Buyers

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearms industry trade association, surveyed firearm retailers recently, and estimates that more than 3.2 million people purchased...