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Gun Tests Best Guns & Gear for 2022

Toward the end of each year, I survey the work R.K. Campbell, Roger Eckstine, Robert Sadowski, Tracey Taylor, and Joe Woolley have done in Gun Tests, with an eye toward selecting guns, accessories, and ammunition the magazine’s testers have endorsed. From these evaluations I pick the best from a full year’s worth of tests and distill recommendations for readers, who often use them as shopping guides.

For Defense: Shooting 45 Colt In Wheelguns and Leverguns

A carbine and a pistol in the same chambering have much utility for personal defense, and 9mm Luger, 10mm Auto, and 45 ACP are chambered in many such combinations in semi-autos. If you live in a non-restrictive state, that’s great — enjoy. But if you live in a magazine-capacity-restricted state, or in one of the features-limited jurisdictions, then you may need a different duo, say, with a revolver and lever-action rifle.

Faxon Firearms Offers +3, +5 G19 Magazine Extensions

To start, remove the baseplate from an existing OEM Glock 19 magazine. Having a baseplate removal tool makes this easier. When you take the baseplate off, be sure to capture the magazine spring with a finger.

40 S&W Ammunition Test: We Pit Eight Self-Defense Rounds

The 40 Smith & Wesson retains a solid following among shooters looking for a hard-hitting cartridge in a 9mm package. Accuracy in quality handguns...

38 Special Loads: Federal’s Punch Is a ‘Best Buy’ Bullet

The 38 Special has been around since 1899. Originally loaded with a 158-grain roundnose bullet at 800 fps, the 38 Special has been regarded...

Ammunition and Components Websites

A summary of companies, and their respective websites, that currently sell ammunition and components.

380 ACP Ammunition Testing: Bullet Development Continues

The 380 ACP is a popular personal-defense handgun and has moved into territory once held firmly by the snubnose 38 Special and even the...

Twelve 22 Long Rifle Cartridges, Shot From a Rifle This Round

In the June 2019 issue, we tested a number of 22 rimfire loads in handguns. Feedback from readers was positive, and we discovered we...

9mm Barrel Lengths Compared In Range Performance Testing

Recently, a GT reader commented favorably on our ongoing ammunition testing. He liked the testing and found it informative. He wondered if we would...

Gun Tests Master Index 1989 to 2022

HANDGUNS 2022 Items marked with an asterisk were listed in a Value Guide American Tactical Firepower Xtreme GI 1911 45 ACP *Oct. 2022 Beretta/Wilson Combat 92G Centurion 9mm...

12-Gauge Mini Shells from Federal, Aguila, and Nobel

For some time Aguila has offered a mini-shotshell in 12 gauge that has found use for personal defense in smaller shotshell-firing firearms such as...

Gun Tests Ammunition Comparisons

Here's a compilation of head-to-head ammunition testing conducted by Gun Tests magazine.

Gun News, Good and Bad

Over the past three years, historic numbers of Americans legally purchased a firearm. According to Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel of...