Remington Announces New Core-Lokt Copper Bullets and Loads


Remington Ammunition has announced its new lead-free, all-copper cartridges, Core-Lokt Copper. Remington’s classic Core-Lokt bullets as well as the Core-Lokt Tipped lines are still being manufactured.

“Generations of hunters have depended on Core-Lokt since 1939,” said Remington Rifle Product Director Michael Holm. “Now, whitetail fanatics, Remington fans, and big-game hunters can experience the outstanding accuracy and Deadly Mushroom performance of Remington’s Core-Lokt ammunition in a high-strength, fully copper bullet.”

The Core-Lokt Copper bullets are hollow points and are available in six cartridges with line extensions coming soon.

R27857 / 30-AAC BLACKOUT, 120GR / $40.99
R27853 / 30-06 SPRG, 150GR / $48.99
R27856 / 243 WIN, 85GR / $48.99
R27854 / 308 WIN, 150GR / $51.99
R27855 / 270 WIN, 130GR / $51.99
R27858 / 300 WIN MAG, 180GR / $60.99


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