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Crimson Trace CTS 1250 01-00560

Crimson Trace (CT) has been around since 1994 and has developed a sterling reputation for its laser sighting devices, even providing free batteries for life. CT was purchased by Smith & Wesson in 2016. CT introduced a series of red-dot sights for pistols in late 2018.

Federal Announces Shotshell Product Line for Competitors

Federal Ammunition’s new Federal Premium High Over All (HOA) shotshell product line offers competitive shooters extensive plastic shotshell products.

Faxon Firearms Offers +3, +5 G19 Magazine Extensions

To start, remove the baseplate from an existing OEM Glock 19 magazine. Having a baseplate removal tool makes this easier. When you take the baseplate off, be sure to capture the magazine spring with a finger.

Small-of-Back Holsters: We Test a Handful of SOB Types

A Gun Tests reader recently asked us to look at small-of-the-back holsters, often referred to as SOB, and sometimes referred to as MOB, or middle-of-the-back holsters. We had one rater who really likes the SOB and has used it for years. Another condemned the type. Between commendation and condemnation, we hoped to find a compromise […]

Gun Belts: Beat the Sag with Choices from Wright, Bigfoot

When you make the decision to carry a holstered handgun in the field or in concealed carry, you need a proper gun belt. A standard dress belt will allow the holstered handgun to sag on the trousers. A poor belt is a huge problem for concealed-carry permit holders. Choosing the proper belt isn’t that difficult, […]

2020 Holster Picks for Carry

Wright Leather Works Regulator Cross Draw Holster, $105 We ordered a Regulator for a 3-inch-barrel revolver. After inspecting the fit and finish and seeing how the holster rides on the belt, our most experienced rater gave the Regulator high marks. He has written a book devoted solely to holsters. He felt the Regulator was a […]

Quick-Release Extended Scope Mounts For Carbines & Rifles

One-piece scope mounts with QD or quick-detachable systems offer a number of advantages over employing two separate rings. The first is strength. Seated in...

Switchback Ambi Holster

From time to time, Gun Tests writers require armed security from natural agents, such as snakes awoken by spring rains, or feral hogs and...

Hands-On: Galco’s FasTrax PAC Reinvents the Fanny Pack

Concealed carry via a waistpack or “fanny pack” could be defined as a method of transporting a handgun in a compartment suspended from a...

Kydex and Leather Holsters

Recently, a reader suggested a realistic test of holsters. A holster test that met Gun Tests criteria would have to be extensive. While we...

Shoulder Holsters Compared

A few months ago, a reader remarked favorably on our ongoing holster tests. The reader said that his orthopedic doctor opined that those carrying...

Driving Holsters Compared

We look for the best holsters for driving, sitting for long periods, and by extension, riding a horse or motorcycle. We found a number of good choices, though some are pricey.

News of the Day

According to Bloomberg.com, three of Wall Street’s biggest municipal-bond underwriters have seen business grind to a halt in Texas after the state enacted a...