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Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm Auto

More than 100 years after his great-grandfather helped found Smith & Wesson, Daniel Wesson picked up the mantle and opened Wesson Firearms Co., Inc. One of the guiding lights behind the modern silhouette competition, Wesson became famous for his super-accurate switch-barrel revolvers.

Henry Lever Action Brass Axe H018BAH-410 .410 Bore 2.5 in.

The Henry Brass Axe is similar to a Mare’s Leg, but the Brass Axe is longer, heavier, and is chambered to only fire .410 shotshells. The Axe uses the same frame as Henry’s centerfire rifles.

Taylor’s & Co. Howdah Pistol PC2/210246 45 Colt/.410

The original Howdah was a large-caliber pistol used to track wounded tigers in India during the days of the Raj. Taylor’s calls this pistol a Howdah, but it is more like an Ithaca Auto & Burglar model made from 1922 to 1933

Bond Arms Texas Defender BATD 45 LC/410

The Bond Arms Texas Defender derringer is a solid hunk of stainless steel, and in hand it sits low so you have easy access to the hammer and can cock it back. Shooting it takes a bit of re-training.

Rock Island Armory M1911A1 FS Tactical II 10mm Auto

The timeless characteristics folks love about the 1911 are here. There’s a slab-sided barrel and thin grip frame to go along with a straight-pull trigger. Then there are added features that have become so popular, with the first readily apparent upgrade being the sights.

SIG Sauer P365 XMacro Comp 365XCA-9-COMP 9mm Luger

The XMacro is in some ways a dream come true for concealed carry. The pistol is reliable and easy to shoot well. The compensator seems effective, the night sights are excellent, and the grip is comfortable. We truly believe the XMacro shoots as well as larger SIG P320 or Glock 19-type handguns. This is a good shooter, and the capacity doesn’t hurt.

Glock 43X Conversion 9mm Luger

Our base gun cost was $488. We added Ameriglo sights for $90, Shield Arms magazines and magwell conversion for a total price of $215, and Talon grips for $10. The Glock 43X is actually slightly less expensive than it was a couple of years ago, with supply finally catching up to demand.

Taurus GX4XL Standard 1-GX4XL941 9mm Luger

In a rush to get the first GX4XL in the state, we probably paid $20 too much. Our version is not optics ready, with the Taurus Optics Ready Option (TORO) version costing $40 more. Taurus International has designed this as a head-to-head competitor with the SIG P365XL and Glock 43X/Glock 48 class, as well as the Springfield Hellcat.

SDS Imports/TISAS USA Announces 1911 Night Stalker Pistols

TISAS/SDS Imports has announced the 1911 Night Stalker series chambered in 9mm, 10mm, and 45 ACP. MSRP: $760. The pistols come with a Lifetime Service...

Beretta 92X Performance Carry Optic J92XPCO21 9mm Luger

The Beretta 92 series is a capable, reliable, and inherently accurate pistol due to the short-recoil design.

Glock G47 MOS PA475203MOS 9mm Luger

The G47 was originally developed for the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in 2019, and in 2023, Glock made the G47 MOS available to the commercial market. It is the same size as the Glock G17 with a 4.5-inch barrel and full-size polymer frame.

Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy 4.25 AOS PH9117AOS 9mm Luger

Springfield Armory has a long history of building 1911 pistols, and the DS Prodigy has many 1911 characteristics, such as the 1911 grip angle, thumb safety, grip safety, and sliding trigger.

An Attack On The Civilian Ammunition Supply

If you live in one of the below mentioned states, please understand that the legal system in your area is attempting to restrict gun...