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Springfield Ronin Operator PX9120L 45 ACP

Gun Tests Grade: A- OUR PICK $740 Some refer to the Springfield Ronin Operator as a “Retro” gun. If so, the Ronin Operator is reminiscent of high-end custom guns of a generation ago. Custom packages, including good sights, a beavertail grip safety, and a good trigger action, could run one $1000 or more on the […]

Tisas 1911 Duty SDS Imports 45 ACP

Gun Tests Grade: B Best Buy $449 The Tisas Duty is an upgraded version of the GI pistol offered by the Turkish maker, Tisas, and it’s brought into this country by SDS Imports of Knoxville, Tennessee. We looked it over and found an impressive array of features. The barrel was hammer forged and hard-chrome plated. […]

Metro Arms MAC Bobcut 1911 Deep Blue 45 ACP

Gun Tests Grade: A- $902 Because this is a modern pistol intended for personal defense, we matched it up against the flashy Ronin. This gave us two steel-frame Government Model pistols, a steel-frame Commander, and an aluminum-frame Government Model. The Commander-size Bobcut was actually heavier than the full-length aluminum-frame Kimber Custom LW. The Metro was […]

Kimber Custom LW 37000597 45 ACP

Gun Test Grade: A- $709 Kimber hit the ground running with a pistol that covered many custom features previously found only on expensive custom items. While it is old news today, at the time it was introduced, the pistol was a sensation. The pistol tested was the “base” Kimber, the original Custom II with an […]

Tisas Regent BR9 9mm Luger

Gun Tests Grade: A- $558 We understand why FN/Browning discontinued the famous Hi-Power handgun: It simply became too expensive to compete in the current market. The Hi-Power, like the 1911, requires considerable handfitting. Its price could not be cut because of expensive handwork and fitting in the 1935 design. Since it has been decataloged, the […]

Zenith Tisas ZiG PCS9 9mm Luger

Gun Tests Grade: D $549 The majority of the Tisas 9mm Commander handguns we viewed on line were illustrated with checkered wooden grips. When ours arrived, it had G10 grips, which may be something of a bonus. The pistol is stainless steel and seemed nicely put together. When you compare the price to the features, […]

Ruger SR1911 6722 9mm Luger

Gun Tests Grade: A (Our PICK) $775 This is the most expensive pistol tested. As such, we expected good performance and reliability. We most recently tested this pistol in the May 2020 issue, wherein this pistol earned an A grade and was named Our Pick. We see no reason to change that thinking with this […]

Citadel M1911A1-CS CIT9MMCSP 9mm Luger

Gun Tests Grade: B (BEST BUY) $479 The Citadel 9mm is a 1911 type that operates in the same manner as the Ruger and the Tisas Commander, but it has the shortened slide and grip frame of the Officer’s Model, so it isn’t a Commander. The pistol features the Parkerized finish common to Philippine-produced 1911 […]

Smith & Wesson SW1911 Pro Series 178020

Gun Tests Grade: A- $1249 Our Smith & Wesson Pro Series uses a black finish on a stainless-steel slide, but the frame is scandium. The three-dot sights, while not pure Novak, are definitely a Novak style that provides a fast, clean sight picture. The S&W’s extractor is external and employs a large beveled hook. All […]

SIG Sauer Ultra Compact W1911U-45-BSS 45 ACP

Gun Tests grade: A (Our pick) $949 A number of years ago, we saw SIG Sauer jump into the 1911 market in a big way. Numerous models were offered and proceeded to earn quite a reputation. We have recently seen them pare down the list of pistols in current production, and our sample is one […]

Ruger SR1911 Officer Stainless 06762

Gun Tests Grade: B $979 Well known (and justifiably so) for their 10/22s, single-action pistols, and 22 autos, as well as their centerfire rifles, Ruger got into the 1911 game a bit late — just about 100 years after Colt — but they have caught up in a big way. Not only did they take […]

Colt Defender Lightweight Stainless O7000XE

Gun Tests Grade: B+ $999 Colt debuted the original “Colt Officer’s ACP” in 1985. This first version was all steel. A lightweight, aluminum-framed version hit the market about a year later. One member of our test group owns one of the original models, and we were able to compare that pistol versus Colt’s 2020 submission. […]

Miller v. Bonta Decision

Click the link below to see the entire Miller v. Bonta decision referenced in the August 2021 Downrange editorial. gov.uscourts.casd.642089.115.0_1