EAA Shipping the EAA-Girsan MC14T Lady Tip-Up 380 ACP Pistol


EAA Corp is shipping the EAA/Girsan MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol, a 380 ACP pistol specifically designed with women concealed carriers in mind. SRP: $682.

The MC14T has a Tip-Up barrel feature. The slide does not need to be racked for a round to be chambered. The Tip-Up barrel feature allows the shooter to load a round, lock the barrel, disengage the safety and fire.

The frame features a gloss black finish complemented by gold small parts. Engraved wood grips provide a comfortable and secure hold for improved accuracy.

Also, the MC14T Lady Tip-Up has a ported barrel design. The porting disperses gas upward from the barrel, reducing muzzle rise and recoil. The front sight is machined into the barrel for durability and repeatability.

Each MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol comes with an embroidered pistol rug.



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